Mafia King's Unbridled Love
Mafia King's Unbridled Love
Author: LostpuppyJS
Chapter 1 - Kidnapped!

Mafia King's Unbridled Love

Camelia's POV:

When I woke up it was almost noon. But I was still lying on the bed. I couldn't get up.

"Mam, you should get up and have something." One of the maids entered the room. She untied my wrists. Her name was Flora.

I moaned in pain when I tried to turn on my back.

"Ahhh." I winced.

"Mam, careful!" Flora cautioned. I sat up on my butt, a sharp pain shot between my legs. Even though she was just a maid, she was extra sympathetic to me.

I forgot when I passed out. But sensing the pain all over my body, I think he didn't stop even after I lost consciousness. He had his way with my unconscious body.

My ripped clothes were lying on the floor scattered. I was sitting naked in front of a maid. I gave up on my shame a long ago.

"Please, help me." I told her. Flora took my hand and helped me to get out of the bed and enter the bathroom.

My life was nothing less than a hell. Tears dried in my ducts, that's how much pain I went through, even tears didn't come out anymore.

It's easy to take the pain without tears, being numb to agony.

It was my life now. Sighing, I sat on the toilet sit and released my bladder. The muscle between my vagina was sore, bruised. Fingerprints all over my body, leaving traces of the lustful brutality.

I clogged the bathtub and filled it with warm water. After having a bath, I came out of the bathroom. The bed was nicely tidied, another clean bed sheet was laid already.

My chest shook up looking at the wall clock. It was 12 pm.

Flora was standing near me and sensed my panic.

"Mam, don't worry. Derek Sir and Devin Sir both went out of this city this morning. They won't be returning this week." She mentioned.

"Oh." A sigh escaped my mouth unconsciously. I was relieved. At least, for now.

I wore a fluffy blue turtle neck full sleeve dress which reached to my knees. And also wore a pair of black shocks.

I didn't wear revealing clothes anymore. I was disgusted with the marks my body was carrying, I loathed this body. I tried my best to hide myself. This good for nothing body made me prey of their gruesome lust. Again and again.

This dress costed a lot, normal girls would dream of wearing such expensive and pretty clothes. Yeah, I was surrounded and imprisoned in wealth. They gave me everything expensive.

And snatched away my most precious thing. My virtue.

I was their doll. They did anything they wanted to do to me. I had no right to refuse, I had no hope, no wish.

I had no feelings but to spread my legs for them.

the chain of my thoughts was interrupted when the land phone rang.

I received the call.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello, sugar!" I heard the familiar voice from the other side and my face

contorted in hatred, disgust. I gritted my teeth but stayed silent.

"Why are you silent? Did I fuck you so hard last night that you forgot your words?" He made a nasty remark.

"What do you want to say?" I spoke, I was tired of this shit.

"Sugar, can talk now. Listen, we will be out of Chicago for some days. Don't try to escape or pull any stunt. You know what will wait for you. In the end, you can't run away from us." He warned me. His playful voice was cold as ice now.

"You know very well that I have nowhere to go. Who will give me the shelter? I won't do anything." I said.

"Better that you got it. Be a good girl and wait for the day when I will return

and fuck you-" I didn't let him finish, I cut the call.

"Mam, have something." Flora placed a bowl in the table. It was chicken pasta. I took a forkful in my mouth. It was delicious.

Flora was a woman in her early forties. She was a maid, assigned to do chores of this household. But she didn't see me just as her owner or employer. I could see the sympathy in her eyes for me. She took extra care of me.

"Mam, do you feel pain anywhere? Do you need medicine or some analgesics?" Asked Flora.

I shook up my head weakly.

"It's okay, Flora. It's my life now. Let me get used to the pain. My life will be easier this way." I spoke.

Flora gave me another sympathetic smile.

Honestly, my body was in severe pain. After eating the food, I lay on the bed. I fell asleep again. I woke up hearing the sounds of loud gun shots.

"Mam, we are attacked. W-we need t-to leave!" Flora ran inside my room and pulled the blanket away from my body.

I rubbed my eyes, it took me a minute to register what she said. I panicked.

"Mam, get up. Hurry!" Flora urged me but it was already late.

Three tall men in black suit entered the room and every one of them had gun.

"Hands up!" One of them said.

"Listen, whoever you are, we don't know anything. I am just a maid and she is Madam. She doesn't know anything. Both masters are out of the city. Please don't hurt us." Flora pleaded, joining her both hands.

"Oh! Then she is the gold digging bitch I am looking for." The man smirked

looking at me.

My heart shuddered in fear. Who was gold digger? What was he talking about? It must be a misunderstanding,

"Get up! bitch. You are coming with us." The man gestured me. I froze, dread crept inside me.

Who were they? From a hell hole, they are trying to take me to another hell? Use me and abuse me until I am broken?

"W-where d-do you want to take me? Who are you? I don't know you. I never offended you. I won't go with you!" I said.

"Mam, run!" Flora cried. I scooted away from the bed before they reach me and jumped out of it.

"Catch her! Don't shoot her. We need her alive!" The man yelled.

I ran frantically. Losing my balance in fear, my body collided with a table hard. The table flipped with a huge sound and everything on that table fell on the floor, scattered.

I also fell on the floor with a loud thud.

"Ouch!" I whimpered in pain when my head hit the sharp and hard edge of the table.

I sat up with quite difficulty.

"No! Leave me," I struggled when one of these men caught my arm. I tried to sqruim but he was so strong.

"Fucking dumb bitch." They snickered.

"No! Let her go!" I heard Flora protest. But one of them grab her hair and slapped her hard.

Flora fell on the floor.

"Tie her up and leave here. We are here only to take this bitch." The man spoke. They tied Flora and gagged her.

I struggled and squirmed in their grip. When one of them were about to tie my wrists, I sank my teeth deep in his hand, biting hard. Pushing me hard, he threw me in the floor. My head hit the hard floor.

"The bitch is troublesome." Then two of them tackled me on the floor and another person pressed a cloth on my nose. I felt my sense fading and

everything went black before my eyes.

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Rachael Wilson
I feel bad for that girl! I'm just happy Flora is there for her.
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Nicole Stewart
the fact that this is only the start- for real there are always ways out and if they are gone- be gone too
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Anita Dominic
Just starting but I want to keep reading

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