When the doorbell rang I disappeared into the bedroom. Things were quiet for about ten minutes, then Jackson started to shout… shortly after that, Scott started to… beg. After a while it sounded like things were getting out of hand so I went out to check on them.

"Jackson, baby… I think you're done," I told him. Blood was pouring from Scott's nose and his eyes were both a dark, angry shade of red.

"You bitch," Scott managed to utter. "You weren't supposed to tell anyone."

"Excuse me?" Jackson snarled. "Did you just call my girlfriend a bitch?" He hit him again and I approached him cautiously.

"Let him go… it's not fair to mess him up too bad, he's already ugly."

Jackson's body was rigid and his hands were bloodstained. There was something feral in his eyes, he smelled like sweat and cologne.

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