“Watching me?” I gasped. “But why?”

“That’s why Silver Shore are coming early,” Jacob said.

He stood and slid the chair back under the table, and then moved to stand beside me.

“Their patrols caught a rogue between our border and theirs. They’ve kept her for questioning. She hasn’t said much, apparently. But she did let one thing slip. They haven’t told us what, yet, though. They said they wanted to discuss it in person, but that it couldn’t wait for the ball.”

“I’m sorry we chose to keep this from you,” Kele said. “It was wrong. You fought off a rogue singlehandedly. I am ashamed that I thought you could not protect yourself, that hearing this would weaken you.”

“It’s okay, Alpha Kele,” I said. My head was swimming with new information, but I was processing it quickly. I moved to add a dot to the map, and placed it where Rosa and I had come across the rogue.

“In future,

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Debbie Proffer
I wish those two ere mates
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I am hoping that somehow she ends up with Jacob, but whoever her Mate is has their work cut out for them. Jacob is the sweetest.
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Gooooodnesss!!!! Can’t stop reading!!!

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