Chapter 562

“Speak.” An old dying voice replied. His body seemed ancient alongside the timeless aspect of his voice. Perhaps the only consolation that could be found on him today was the quality of his cultivators robes.

At first glance alone, anybody that has eyes could easily determine that it was not made of poor materials at all. This old man was of course the master of Dragon Conqueror Pavilion.

“There was a group of people looking a specific cultivation manual earlier, master. They wanted Soul Birth Realm training scrolls.” Kong Jin reported.

She knew that the implications of her words would not be lost on his smart master. And indeed it was not.

“DING!” The old man opened his eyes and one could notice the blazing fire in them. The atmosphere in the room immediately surged up and this has made the beautiful Kong Jin tremble in place.

But reaction was not out of fear but surprisingly because of her extreme excitement.

Thousands of sexy ladies like her dreamed to hug the thick thigh of t

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