Chapter 02

The girls in Bella's class may have found themselves totally lost in his charms. His pompadour dark jelly hair, his enchanting grey irises and his Rosy red lips that made his light brown skin unique. But Bella shove all those girlish attraction away. Choosing to digest the fact that the monster is going to be her classmate!. Her fingers trembled recalling his dangerous nature at the locker.

"Class, Let's welcome our new student. Arthur Middleton." Mr. Alrik grinned wrapping his hands around Arthur's shoulder. 

"Finally! we have a new hottie in our class." The drama Queen arose from her seat walking like a seductress towards Arthur.

"Just so you know. The name is Alisha, Belgrave high cheerleader." She bit her lower lip.

A tiny smile spread across his lips. Bella frowned; finding his smile so superficial yet sinister. It made her worry.

"Okay Lisha, please return to your seat." Mr Alrik beckoned. "Now," His grip on Arthur's shoulder tightened. "I trust you'll all do well in giving him a warm welcome." Her teacher grinned again.

"Off you go."

Bella stalked his movements as he trailed along her path. And then her heart missed a beat as he sat beside her. With a profound iciness inscribed on his face.

While Mr. Alrik delved into Indian history all she did was steal glances at him occasionally. Her body itched about Jeremy's status yet terror ceased her from talking. 


"Continue staring at me and I'll pluck off those eyes of yours." Arthur pronounced in a low tone enough for her to hear alone. Her body stiffened and her heart skipped again. Regardless she dared him again and the next action of his that birthed, caused regrets.

He smacked his table roughly to the right. Ignoring the noise that startled everyone, holding Mr. Alrik midway. But he didn't waver. Instead, he grabbed her by the wrist before storming out of the class. 

Once they stepped out the class with his iron grip still in position, the wind sped across her face and her legs dangled in the air.  When it all stopped, she realized they were in the Janitor's closet. How they had reached here within seconds was a question saved for later. Her main worries was that, she breathed in the same room alone with a monster, Arthur Middleton, all because of her stupidity.  She grunted as he pressed her against the wall; holding her arms above her head and gripping them to the wall. His cold breaths slammed across her cheeks and his Grey irises that were once gentle now turned ferocious. It reminded of that terrific night, the same way Jeremy had been so malevolent. Except he wasn't this close to her like Arthur was. 

"I told you to stay away from me, didn't I?" He growled. She whimpered from the pain shooting in her wrist and the terror his voice gifted.

"I need to see Jeremy!" She cried avoiding his monstrous gaze, dearly hoping he would show compassion for her helplessness. 

He scoffed. "I killed him." 

Her heart thumped loudly and her breaths started to roll out uneven. 

"He didn't deserve to die!. Let go of me." She screamed but his iron grip remained firm.

"Scream all you want, nobody is going to save you." Arthur spat out in a renewed growl. "I saved your pathetic life from danger but it seems you love danger itself."  

"Please don't kill me! I'm the daughter of the Sheriff." She mustered every ounce of courage within her to speak up. Surprisingly, Arthur released her from his iron grip. Her eyes twitched with a tear as she observed the redness wrapped around her wrist. Why he released her was another puzzle she couldn't decipher.

"So you're the daughter of Cosgrove." Arthur stated in an awestruck tone. She stared into his eyes that had now slipped back into gentleness. He then hissed.

"Certainly, that woman would have regularly laced your blood with Garlic making you dormant to my compulsion." He trailed inches away from her, palms curled into fists. She thought of scurrying through the door but decided against it. Her speed would be nowhere comparable to him. Instead, she struggled on what he meant by Garlic and Compulsion he yapped about.

"You know my Mother?" She asked in a whisper. Fearful of what monstrosity he might respond with. Arthur shot her a stern face that easily ceased her breaths.

"I know important people who are not to be messed with." He responded in the iciest manner possible while his eyes were fixated away from hers. As if he he'd been in deep thoughts.

She frowned, unable to comprehend an ounce of what he meant. Her mother is the Sheriff of Covington but not so important like Arthur's countenance emphasized.

"How do you know my Mother? What do you mean by Compulsion?"  She asked eloquently yet in oblivion when those questions escaped her lips. 

Arthur frowned. 

"You ask too many ridiculous questions." He growled.  She retained silence hoping not to anger him more. Then he smirked. 

"Just one look at you and It's apparent you're a stubborn one. It runs in the Cosgrove blood. So let me make you a deal," Arthur inched close. She moved backwards till her back leaned against the wall.

"I struck your puppy with a cursed knife. It makes a Werewolf to remain in it's Wolf form for days, months or even years. Depending on the strength of the Werewolf blood." 

"Jeremy is a werewolf and he's stuck in his Wolf form. How is that possible?" She asked with a quizzical look. Unable to digest the truth that her best friend, an orphan, is a beast.

"Honestly, you're dumb." Arthur remarked with a smirk. Her hand clenched into a fist but who was she to dare against him. "Obviously your puppy is roaming about or perhaps dead from various skilled hunters. But with the aid of a Witch, we can test that theory out." 

"Witches are real?" She exclaimed and quickly regretted it from the low growl Arthur responded with. 

"You're the daughter of a prestigious supernatural species Hunter yet you're so," Arthur pursed his lips as if searching for words insulting enough. "Ignorant." 

She frowned again as he spat another puzzling statement. She wouldn't deny that most of his words didn't make sense. At the same time, she couldn't dare ask another question that would enrage him.

"Luckily if he's alive, I will find him. And after, You will stay with me till the poison in your system wears off and I can compel you to forget ever meeting me." He stated as if he had successfully arched out a foolproof plan. "Have you told anyone about me?" He suddenly asked. 

She quickly wriggled her head still confused about the whole situation but Arthur pressed closer. His eyes renewing it's threats. 

"You better not." He grinned while her heart was still racing in fear. He looked to her wrist still reddened from his rough touch. "I'm sorry for hurting you." He mentioned. She exhaled in surprise awe. A minute ago, he was all beastly and now he muttered words of apology.

"That is what you get when you disobey me. Now, shall we return to Alrik's class?" His words rolled out more like an order than a question.

She nodded as she took a glimpse of the finest grin she had seen him wore. One would hardly resist his innocently looking face oblivious of the fact that, he's a monster.  She quietly obeyed following behind his back till they arrived their class. 

Mr. Alrik glared uninterestingly at them and without further ado spat out.

"Detention for you both." 

"Mr. Alrik I can explain." She uttered in an agitated tone while Arthur remained unmoved.  

"Bella there's nothing to explain. It's perfectly clear. Mr. Arthur here, wrecked the school's property and you my dear, left this class without my permission. That is an action I won't tolerate!" Mr. Alrik retorted in an hoarse voice. The bell rung signifying class was over. "Class is dismissed." Mr. Alrik stated and with haste did every student tour past them.

"Bella Cosgrove huh." Arthur sounded mischievously behind her left ear, certain there was a devilish grin on his face. "Something tells me we are going to have a lot of fun. Can't wait to see you in detention." He referenced with another heavy dose of sarcasm before disappearing amidst the others.

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Oh so this is like a fanfic for vampire diaries??..

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