Chapter 10

Bella raced breathlessly across a street of Covington. She screamed but to no avail. The night was dark and unusually silent. Her trotting steps weren't the only one heard in the serene night, there were others too. A monster chasing after her vehemently. Threatening growls from unprecedented angles and a blooming fog that encircled the entirety of the street. She couldn't phantom where to escape, all she kept on doing was running. On impulse. Her strengths gradually faded and her quickened steps relatively reduced. From a fierce runner to a staggering lady about to collapse from breath loss. The growl sounded closer with every second that came by neither did the fog disappear. She knew death was looming around the corner but her legs were failing her. Unable to demonstrate her willpower. With every forced step she picked, dizziness dawned and her breathlessness increased the burning pain in her chest.

"Help!" She screamed in an extremely stressed tone. Except her voice only protruded
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