Chapter 17 - The Burster and Them

We went to the meeting place where Sir had his conjurer friend build a building a long time ago. It was where we were supposed to lure everyone to after getting stranded at the beach. However, with how things turned out, we didn’t manage to do it as exactly as it was, but somehow still got a few people to go inland.

I was surprised when I found out everything in ruins. It somehow got me mad.

“Hey, what happened here?” the weak-ass slasher asked with both of his hands resting at the back of his head, still as carefree as ever.

“Well, a lot of things might have happened. Am I right, Momo and Mimi?” Our controller turned around and gave the twins a menacing look masked as a smile.

They looked at each other with indifference. They surely looked alike: same squinting eyes, small noses, and pale, thin lips. Even their height and built. They were as small as elementary students but ferocious in some ways. You wouldn’t find them dangerous if you didn’t know what they could do.

I hea—my ears ca
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