Chapter 21 - The Beasts of the Realm

I opened my eyes to the view I had once seen.

Every detail of the island had never been clearer than the last time, and I could make out the beach from where we got stranded and also the end part of the island we didn’t explore yet. I frantically searched our place and found out Rico at my side. The pistol was in his hand, and he was more than alert than anyone could be.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Priscilla was shackled beside him, and Dr. Shawn was lying next to her; his shoulder was bleeding rather seriously. Oh, no, what should I do? From what I understood, I could create anything in this realm, so that might mean that I could also create a doctor to help him or something. I imagined the image of one to appear beside Dr. Shawn, but nothing happened.

How the heck was I supposed to create, anyhow?

At the far north of the island, I noticed Josh and Rex on the ground. They were both wincing and crying in pain.

How could I help Josh? Please, someone or anything on this island, help J
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