Chapter Three ~ Asshole!

Tristan Cole

Knock, knock, knock... 

I startled and quickly yanked my head away from Freya's neck. I can't believe I almost bit Freya. What the hell is going on with me? I have never been this careless or out of control before, I panicked to myself.

“Breakfast's ready you two.” Eleanor shouted through the bedroom door. 

Freya spun around to face the door, and I followed her spin to make sure that I could stay standing behind her. I couldn't let her see my canines or black eyes, especially after the fit she had earlier. I continued to stand behind her as I tried to gain back my self-control. Once I felt my canines retract, I casually made my way over to the bed. I took a quick glance into the mirror across the room, to make sure that my eyes had returned to normal. 

Thank God, I thought to myself as my deep blue eyes stared back at me. I sighed with relief then flopped onto the bed.

Freya Rose

Tristan stood behind me while I turned around and shouted a reply back to my mom,

“Okay, Mom. We'll be down in a bit.” 

I turned back around towards my closet while Tristan walked over to my bed, then threw himself down onto it with a sigh. For quickness, I grabbed the first outfit that I laid my hands on. It was a royal blue skater dress that came down to my knees, I picked up a pair of matching heels, then closed my closet.

 Moving over to my chest of drawers, I proceeded to scramble around for a matching set of underwear. 

Why is it always so damn difficult to find a matching set? 

I finally found a bra and panties that matched.

Well they are both black, what more could I ask for? 

I then dropped my towel to the floor and began to get dressed. I glanced over at Tristan and he was watching me get ready. He had a giant grin on his face and his eyes were filled with pure lust. 

“Stop watching me you creep!” I shouted at him as I struggled to balance on one foot, while trying to put the other one through the leg hole of my panties.

“It's not creepy to watch my girlfriend,” he replied sarcastically. 

Without warning, and with an evil grin plastered across my face, I grabbed my hairbrush from the dressing table and launched it at him. To my complete surprise, he reached up and caught it right before it could smack him in his smug face. 

How the hell did he catch that? 

He got off the bed and made his way towards me while speaking in a husky voice,

“and besides it's impossible not to watch you, you're the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” 

He picked me up by my ass, like he always did, and walked me over to the dressing table. Placing me down on to the stool, he spoke softly into my ear, 

“I am the luckiest man alive.” 

I blushed when he brushed my hair away from my face and kissed my neck. I thought he was going to continue what he'd started earlier, but to my disappointment, he pulled away from me and began to walk towards the door. 

“You finish getting ready, and I'll meet you downstairs.” 

He opened the door then turned back around to look at me.

“I love you, Freya Rose.” 

I smiled as butterflies swarmed around in my tummy. 

“I love you too Tristan Cole.” 

He threw his hand up to his heart and grinned at me like a goofy kid. I rolled my eyes at him as he left the room and closed the door behind him. 

“How in the hell did you get so damn lucky?” I asked my reflection. 

Tristan Cole

I quietly closed Freya's bedroom door and made my way downstairs.

“Hi Eleanor, I'm just going to pick up Tyler and Cassie. Can you tell Freya that I'll be back in a bit please?” I asked Freya's mom as I approached the kitchen. 

She looked up from the stove where she was frying bacon and replied,

“Of course, see you in a bit.”

I left the house and made my way towards my car. I got into the car and just sat there for a minute enjoying the peace and quiet. I eventually took out my phone and dialed my brother Tyler's number. 

“Hey, Tyler,” I greeted my brother.

“Hi T. Are you coming back any time soon?” Tyler said when he answered the phone.

“Yeah, I'm coming to pick you guys up now.”

“Good, because we have a situation. We captured another one while you were out.”

“What!? How the hell did it get so close to the house?”

“God knows, but this one was really fast, it took five of us to outrun him. I just don't get why they are sneaking around here all of a sudden. What do they want?” He asked me with confusion.

“I know, they've been showing up a lot lately, something's definitely going on.” 

I clicked the loudspeaker button and threw my phone down onto the passenger seat, then started up the car. “Right, chain him up in the basement, I'll make sure I get some answers out of the twisted bastard!” I demanded.

“Have you left yet?”

“Yeah, I'm on my way now,” I replied while putting my seatbelt on.

“Ok, T. See you in a few,” Tyler replied then ended the call. 

I put my foot down and sped off heading for home. 

When I arrived home, Tyler was on the driveway waiting for me. I opened the door and got out of my car, before storming right past Tyler.

“He's in the basement like you ordered T, but some of the other guys got a bit carried away when they caught him. He's torn up pretty bad,” he said as he hurried behind me.

“Will he survive?” I asked bluntly.

I don't really care whether he survives or not, but I do need some answers out of him before he expires.

“Yeah, but he's gonna need a few days before you can question him,” he said while doing air quotes with his fingers, then chuckled. 

I rolled my eyes at his childishness. I found it hilarious, but I wasn't going to let him know that.

“Fine, I'll leave him down there for a few days. Maybe starving him will make him talk. Now, go and get Cassie. We need to leave,” I ordered my brother. 

He nodded and ran up the stairs. A few minutes later he returned with Cassie in tow.

“I'll go wait in the car,” Tyler shouted as he ran past me and out the front door. 

Cassie greeted me with a hug.

“Hey T,” she said softly.

“Hiya Cass, you ready?” I asked as I turned to face the front door. She ran over to the couch and grabbed her purse, then walked back towards me and said,

“Now I am.” 

She placed her hand on my shoulder and stood up on her tiptoes, then softly kissed my cheek. She lowered herself back down to the ground and began to strut away. As she strode out of the front door, she turned to me and asked, 

“Oh, Tristan. Have you told Freya about us yet?”


Freya Rose

I finished getting ready for my graduation and made my way downstairs. My mom was at the stove cooking, and as I walked past her, I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

“Breakfast smells amazing, Mom,” I said while secretly swiping a piece of cooked bacon from the plate beside her. 

“Oi, you cheeky madam.” 

She tried to swat my hand away, but I was too fast for her, and was already tucking into my stolen goods. She laughed while I walked away and headed towards the dining table. I sat down at the end of the table and then asked her,

“Where's Tristan?” 

She turned her head and answered me,

“He's gone to pick up Cassie and Tyler. He said he'd be back in a bit.” 

“Ah, okay, cool.”

I grabbed my phone out of my bag and opened up the photo gallery. I liked looking over all the old pictures I'd taken over the years. I was obsessed with making sure I had pictures of all the important people in my life, much to their dismay. I scrolled through lots of pictures of Tristan and me.


He had asked me out on my sixteenth birthday. It was so cute. He'd bought me flowers and a gorgeous gold necklace with a heart locket pendant. Inside the locket was a picture of him on one side and a picture of me on the other. Inscribed on the back was the date of my sixteenth birthday and the words, 

I Love You Always,

Forever Be Mine.

I held my hand up and gently pulled the locket away from my neck. I opened it up to look at the pictures inside of Tristan and me. 

Still the best present ever, I thought to myself.

Tristan was so adorable standing in front of me at my birthday party. He was twitching and shuffling his feet nervously, acting all shy and scared while he waited for my answer. I remember telling him, of course, I was always going to say yes. He asked me why. So, I told him the truth. I told him that I'd had a huge crush on him since I was thirteen years old. He pulled me in tight and kissed the top of my head. I then heard him say under his breath that he was a fool for not noticing me sooner. 

I giggled to myself as I thought about how much I had wished for him to notice me while I was growing up. You see, Tristan was my best friend Tyler's, older brother. 

I used to make up any excuse I could to go over to Tyler's house, just so that I could catch a glimpse of Tristan. Whenever I saw him my heart pounded, and my belly filled with butterflies. I could barely function around him but being three years older than us he hardly ever noticed me. 

I was sure that he just saw me as his annoying little brothers, best friend. I didn't blame him really, I was a bit of a tomboy back then, and had the body to match. I was all skinny and straight. No curves or assets to speak of, not like the girls that he used to bring back to his parent’s house.

I screwed up my face as I began to remember those skanks all over my man. I knew I shouldn't have been jealous, because he was all mine now, but I couldn't help it. I loved him so much, and the thought of any other girl touching him made me feel sick. 

The girls back then were sexy, and they knew exactly how to flirt with him. A flip of the hair here, a slight touch there. They even knew how to perfectly time a giggle when he told one of his corny jokes. And trust me, his jokes were never funny, and still aren't. He had them fawning all over him, and why wouldn't he? He was super sexy, smart, ripped, and the captain of the football team, what wasn't there to fawn over. I was just so jealous of the girls and wished he would look at me the way he looked at them.

I giggled to myself again and flipped my hair all sexy like. My mom turned her head away from the stove and raised her eyebrows at me like I was crazy. I chuckled and swished my hand in the air like I was saying, just ignore me. She laughed and went back to cooking the bacon. 

It took him a while, but Tyler finally realized that I had a huge crush on his big brother, and he found it absolutely hilarious. Any opportunity he got, he would use it to embarrass me in front of Tristan. I'd have to jab him in his ribs, or wrestle him to the ground to get him to stop. I was so scared of the thought of Tristan finding out, because I knew he didn't think of me that way, and I would have been mortified if he started teasing me about it too. 

I scrolled through some more of my photos and laughed when I saw some of me and Tyler pulling funny faces. 

I really do love that crazy clown. 

“What's so funny hon?” My mom asked while placing the plate of bacon on the dining table. 

“Just looking at old pictures of me and Tyler,” I replied while turning my phone around for her to see. 

“You're two peas in a pod, both as crazy as one another.” 

She made her way back over towards the fridge. 

Tyler tried everything he could to embarrass me in front of Tristan. Each time he tried to blurt out that I had a crush on him, I had to beat him to shut him up. Well, I tried to, but he was always so damn fast, and he was really ripped too which was weird for his age. I used to chase him around the house until I fell down with exhaustion. He'd then jump on top of me and start tickling me to death. I swear a few times I actually peed myself. 

The play fights happened so often that Tristan started telling us to get a room, he even asked us once if me and Tyler were dating. We both just burst out laughing and rolled around on the floor. I saw Tyler as a brother and he saw me as a sister, the thought of anything else was just disgusting.

“Do you want orange juice, Honey?” My mom asked with her head still in the fridge.

“Yes, please, Mom.”

As the years went on, I finally began to develop. I was now nearly sixteen-years-old and was filling out nicely if I did say so myself. I had a nice little tush and my two ladies had come in big and fast. I had some nice curves of my very own. It took some getting used to, let me tell you. I liked to dress more feminine and I enjoyed doing my hair and makeup, but I still felt too embarrassed to go around to Tyler's all dressed up and showing off my figure. So, I just used to chuck on some old jeans, a baggy t-shirt and my sneakers. 

That was until Tyler's sixteenth birthday, it was a few months before mine and I’d decided to go all out for his party. I wore a long, tight black dress with a plunging neckline to show off my new ample cleavage. The dress came down to my ankles at the front but had a split all the way up to the middle of my right thigh. It was a low backed dress too and had had a small train that beautifully slid along the floor behind me when I walked. I finished it off with a pair of red four-inch stilettos and a red clutch bag. I wore my hair up in loose curls with a clip at the back and had some of the loose curls coming down the front to frame my face. My makeup was smoky black eyes, with eyeliner and red lipstick to finish the look.

I was so nervous when my mum dropped me off at Tyler's birthday party that night. I stood at the front door for almost fifteen minutes before I had built up enough courage to walk in. I opened the door and made my way through the house and into the back garden where all the guests were. There were pretty lights, balloons, and flowers everywhere. Tyler’s parents had also got a massive marquee with a huge dance floor and DJ. It looked amazing and there were so many people there. 

Tyler saw me and ran right up to me. He picked me up into a hug and spun me around. He set me back down and said something along the lines of,

“damn girl, you's looking fine!” 

I forgot the exact words, but that was the gist. I laughed and punched him in the arm. I wished him a happy birthday and gave him his gift. It was some computer game he had wanted for ages. I had no idea which one, but he loved it. He hugged me again and left to go get us some drinks. 

I felt self-conscious standing there all by myself, guys kept wolf whistling at me and making sexual comments and I wasn't the type to defend myself. 

Urgh, guys can be such pervs, I thought to myself while I reached for the orange juice that my mom had left on the table. 

Tyler had been ages and I was starting to panic while standing there all alone, I hated being alone. I'd decided to give him ten more minutes to get back or I was going home. Needless to say, he didn't come back, so I stormed off in search of him. I planned to give him a piece of my mind before I went home. The big jerk knew that I hated being on my own in big crowds. 

I stormed over towards the house and heard noises coming from down the side of the pool house. As I got closer, I heard Tyler speak, I couldn't work out what he'd said, but I knew it was him. I was ready to march right over there and give him a piece of my mind. I picked up the pace and thundered around the corner of the pool house. 

I closed my eyes and screwed up my face when I remembered what I had seen that night.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my GOD! What the hell?” I’d screamed out as I frantically tried to cover my eyes. I’d already seen more than enough. Tyler was half naked and had a girl pinned up against the wall. I spun around, so that I definitely couldn't see anything else. 

I apologized profoundly. The girl giggled and I just apologized again and told him to have a good night. I let him know that I was going home, he didn't mind me leaving and said he'd catch up with me the next day. I hurried off and made my way back through the house, completely red-faced and flushed with embarrassment. I quickly opened the front door to leave, but as I went to walk through the door my heel got stuck on the back of my dress. I tripped, fell forwards, and smacked face first into Tristan Cole's rock-hard chest.

I bit my lip when I remembered what happened next.

“Whoa there!” Tristan said as he grabbed hold of my shoulders to stop me falling over. I was absolutely mortified. I didn't want him knowing who I was, so I kept my head down and mouth shut, hoping that he would just let me past him. 

“Are you leaving already?” He’d asked in a husky voice. 

But all I could muster up was a, 

“Yup,” I replied with a slight nod of my head.

I couldn't bear to look up at him.

“That's a shame. Now I've arrived, the party is just getting started,” he said cockily. 

He placed my chin between his thumb and finger, then slowly pulled my face up. I was so scared that he was going to laugh at me once he saw who I was. But, when I finally looked up, he had his eyes closed and his lips were coming straight towards mine and I froze in pure panic.

 He pressed his lips onto mine and kissed me, I stayed perfectly still for a few seconds not knowing what in the hell to do. But with each caress from his soft lips, my confidence began to grow. I finally put my arms around his neck and grabbed his hair pulling his head back a little, he growled with pleasure and that was my cue.

My heart skipped with excitement when I remembered my first kiss, and the very first time, I’d heard Tristan's sexy growl. It was so deep and primal. Even thinking about it now, had me squirming around on my chair. I quickly returned to my daydream.

I pulled him closer and slipped my tongue into his mouth. I kissed him harder and he followed my lead. We were both panting by that point and he had moved his hand down to my ass and gave it a little slap. I moaned, and he deepened the kiss in response. 

“Freya!” Tyler yelled out. 

Tristan promptly pulled his head away from me and I apprehensively opened my eyes. Tristan was wide-eyed with shock and gawping back at me. He stepped back, looked me up and down from head to toe, then said, 

“Damn girl!” 

He let out another sexy growl, bit his lip and then walked right past me and into the house. 

I remembered how much I wanted him that night, and the butthead just walked off and left me hanging. I couldn't stop myself from blurting out loud, 


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