Chapter Six ~ Did I Just See Fangs?

Freya Rose

I decided against mentioning the creepy guy with the dead flowers. Today was meant to be a celebration day. To be completely honest, I barely believed what I'd just seen myself. I mean, moments before, I had just been fantasizing about a future with Tristan. Us as a family with a bunch of our werewolf pups running around in the woods. Maybe my mind got a bit carried away, and made the whole thing up?

We pulled into the parking lot of our high school. We only had one high school in our town. Jasper was a small town in Alberta, Canada. It was nestled in the middle of a national park. The skyline was delicately held by stunning glacier mountains, and there were five beautiful lakes. Each lake was a different shade of color, going from a turquoise blue to an aqua green, and the water was crystal clear. The woods were lush and were home to many different animals like, Elk, Deer, Moose, Big horned Sheep and Mountain Goats. It was a gorgeous place to live and raise children. 

Being a tomboy when I was younger, made it the perfect place for me to grow up. Knowing what I did now, I guessed it was perfect for all of the werewolves in town too. Me, Tyler and Cassie would spend our summer's climbing trees, hiking, swimming in the lakes and camping in the woods. We had a great childhood and now we were all here graduating together. It was the end of an era and the start of a new future. 

I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school, I would probably just get a job working with my mom. She worked in one of the many restaurants we had here in town. A lot of kids wanted to leave our small town and move into colleges in a big city, but that idea had never entered my head. I loved living in Jasper. 

Cassie's family owned a guest house, so she was going to work there, and Tyler and Tristan's family owned a chain of hardware stores across the country called Cole's Hardwere ltd.

Oh, I see what they did there. They used were, as in werewolf instead of ware. I never did understand why it was called that. I'd just thought that they'd spelt it wrong. 

Both Tyler and Tristan already helped out with running the business. So, they were never going to leave for college. I guessed they couldn't if they were part of a pack, and Tristan's going to be their Alpha. I wasn't sure if you could even leave a pack to go to college, or if you could move away at all. There were so many questions I had about the whole werewolf thing. Tristan was going to wish he'd never told me. 

Tristan parked the car and got out first. He walked around to the passenger side door and opened it for my mom, then held his hand out for her to take.

“Thank you, Tristan,” my mom said as she took his hand and stepped out of the car. 

Tyler and Cassie left the car as well and started walking towards the school, hand in hand. I opened my door then swung my legs around and placed my feet on the floor. I held my hand out cheekily waiting for Tristan to notice. Tristan walked back around the car and stopped when he saw me. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at my cheekiness.

I managed to keep a straight face and stayed looking serious, he laughed and walked towards me. I stretched out my hand further, but to my surprise, he swatted it away. He bent down and put his shoulder on my belly before placing his hands around my back and lifting me out of the car. He stood up straight, and as he did, he threw me over his shoulder.

“Ahh Tristan. Put me down,” I begged. 

“Nope,” He replied with a pop of the p. 

He chuckled as I kicked my legs and wiggled around. He then placed his arm over the back of my knees, so that I couldn't move them anymore. 

“Stop fighting me, babe. I thought when I pinned you to the bed earlier, you would have realized, you can't win.” 

He playfully slapped my ass, and I slumped over his shoulder letting my legs and arms drop down in defeat. Tristan laughed his head off and walked me through the entire parking lot like that. I put my elbows on his back and held my head up as he walked me through the school. Everyone gorped and giggled at us as we strolled passed them. Tristan laughed even harder seeming very pleased with himself. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

He is going to pay for this later, that's for sure.

Tyler and Tristan's parents were already at the ceremony and were sitting in the front row with Tristan and my mom. Cassie's parents were there too with her twin sister Jessie. She wasn't sitting with us though, in fact, she didn't even acknowledge us at all. I didn't really care, but I did feel sorry for Cassie. This was supposed to be a happy day and a huge achievement in her life. It was an experience that she should have been able to share with her twin sister. 

“Hello students and family,” a girl’s voice began to address the crowd, making us all take our seats. I looked up and saw Amber Wade starting her valedictorian speech. She looked snooty and smug. I really hated that girl.

She was really pretty, and she knew it too. She had olive skin, with bright hazel/green eyes, gorgeous long black hair and an amazing figure. But her personality was just awful. She enjoyed bullying anyone and everyone. 

“Ugh, it's Amber fucking Wade,” I whispered to Cassie. 

She sniggered and tapped my arm gently. She swiftly spun her head around to look at Tristan, remembering how he reacted to her playfully hitting me earlier. He smiled at her and she sighed with relief. When she turned back around, I asked her a question,

“Can you mind link, Tristan, or is it just a mate thing?” 

She raised her eyebrow raised and replied,

“No, it's not just a mate thing. We can mind link anyone in the pack. Why?” 

We hushed for a second when Amber glared at us. Once Amber looked away, I began whispering to Cassie again,

“Oh cool. Can you tell him something for me?” She nodded her head in response, so I continued, “tell him that I love him, and he looks freaking sexy today.” 

She giggled and turned to face Tristan. After a few seconds, he laughed and winked at me. Cassie was staring at him and concentrating, I guessed she was listening to what Tristan was saying to her over the mind link. 

She suddenly and violently shook her head at him, and he burst out laughing. He was so damn loud that people began to stare at him. My mom gave him a confused look like he'd gone completely mad. Cassie blushed and shot me a sideways glance.

“I am not going to repeat what he just said.” 

She sat up straight in her chair and tried to concentrate on Amber's speech. 

“Oh, it must have been really dirty if you’re willing to listen to this horse shit,” I said with a chuckle while I pointed a thumb at Amber. 

I thought that Tristan must have been trying to say something else to Cassie through the mind link, because she was frantically waving her hand behind her back in annoyance. She then turned around and shot him an evil stare. Tristan cracked up again, and his laugh was loud enough to put Amber off of her speech making her scowl at him. Her scowl eventually found its way to me and Cassie. I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

“I'm sorry. Am I interrupting your conversation, Freya?” Amber boomed over the mic while pointing her scrawny finger at me. 

Everyone instantly glared at me, making me sink down into my chair with embarrassment and cover my face with my hand. 

“Well, I'm waiting!” She snapped while placing her hands on her hips.

She then snarled at me, clearly growing more frustrated with every passing second. Her face was turning bright red, and it looked like her head was about to explode. I finally built up the courage to take my hand away from my face and saw that everyone was still staring at me. Tyler and Tristan were in fits of laughter.


My mom was shaking her head in disapproval, and Cassie was just staring at me all wide-eyed. She clearly wasn't going to help me out of this, at all. Feeling brave and a little bit cocky, I stood up from my chair and shouted back sarcastically,

“Waiting for what exactly? Did I make you forget which bit of the speech you were reading?” 

She scowled at me, daring me to continue my defiance, so I did.

“Why don't you ask Elsa to help you out? After all, she's the one who actually wrote the speech you're trying to pass off as your own.” 

I instantly regretted saying it when I heard gasps and tuts from the crowd. Elsa threw Amber a worried look, but Amber didn't even notice her. She just kept scowling at me, and it looked like at any second, she might have spat flames at me.

Tristan and Tyler were beyond help by that point and were laughing so hard, that they had tears streaming down their faces. Their mom Clara was so embarrassed, but their dad Aiden was trying his best to keep a straight face. Cassie just dropped her head into her hands, and Amber's parents looked like they wanted to murder me. I decided to do the only thing I could think of to fix it. 

“I'm sorry Amber. That was uncalled for, and I sincerely apologize for my outburst. Please continue with your lovely speech,” I shouted out trying to sound as sincere as possible. 

I saw my mom smirk and shake her head again, so I continued to try and apologize some more, 

“Oh, and I’m sure you wrote it all by yourself!” 

I gave her a thumbs up and a cheesy grin. She was not happy at all, it was hilarious. She straightened up, flipped her hair over her shoulder and carried on with Elsa's speech. 

“You did the right thing apologizing. You don't need to lower yourself to Amber and my sister’s level, you're better than them,” Cassie whispered. 

She looked over to Jessie and smiled at her slightly. Jessie just rolled her eyes in response then looked away, making Cassie lower her head. I held Cassie's hand and gave it a squeeze. I then sat back in my chair and zone out into my own thoughts, there was no way that I was going to sit there and listen to miss prissy pants, Amber, ramble on.


Cassie was a beautiful and kind girl. She had stunning blue eyes and long, wavy, light blonde hair. She had this cute little freckle on her nose too. Her twin sister Jessie's facial features looked almost exactly the same as Cassie's, except that she had green eyes and even lighter blonde hair. They used to be stuck together like glue when they were little. They never went anywhere without one another. They even used to dress the same, it was really cute, but that all changed when we were thirteen. 

That was when Jessie began hanging around with Amber and Elsa. From then on, she didn't want to be seen with me, Tyler, or even her own twin. Cassie was devastated for a long time, she said she felt like an arm had been cut off. We all tried to stay friends with her, but Jessie turned into a bitch and began picking on Cassie all the time. She was being especially nasty to her and embarrassing her in front of everyone. I guess she learned a thing or two from mean girl Amber. 

She eventually took the nastiness a step too far. A few weeks back she began dating Cassie's longtime crush, Landon Wade. On the day of their eighteenth birthday, to add further insult. Cassie had been in love with Landon for as long as I could remember. I definitely understood why. He was an extremely attractive guy and very fit. He had olive skin, dark brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. He was such a sweetheart too, surprising really, considering that nasty bitch Amber was his little sister. But I could have killed him on Cassie and Jessie's birthday. 

While I was at Cassie's house giving her, her birthday gift, in strolls Jessie all loved up with Landon. Jessie and Landon both knew how Cassie felt about him. She'd never had the guts to ask him out, but it was obvious to everyone that she was besotted with him. When she saw them walk in, all over each other, she burst into tears and ran into her bedroom. I tried to comfort her, but she asked me to leave. 

I guessed it was a good job that Tyler went around there that night, and they found out they were mates. Cassie didn't seem bothered at all about Landon and Jessie anymore. It was a blessing because she was absolutely heartbroken that day, but I think the mate bond with Tyler was stronger than whatever she had felt for Landon.


Amber finished Elsa's speech, and everyone cheered. We threw our caps into the air and our families applauded. I hugged Cassie, then Tyler. 

Everything is going to change now, I thought to myself and it made me tear up. 

“Don't cry Frey. We will still see each other every day,” Tyler said while he ruffled my hair. 

I swatted his hand away and brushed my hair back down. 

“Yeah I know but it won't be the same. We'll all be working at different places,” I whined. 

“Why don't you come and work at my parents guest house?” Cassie asked while placing her hand on my shoulder. 

“Really? Can I?”

“Yeah, of course, I'll let my parents know later.”

“And me and Tristan can come and meet you both for lunch every day,” Tyler stated. 

“See life won't change too much. You can't get rid of us that easily,” Cassie mocked. 

“Thanx guys, I love you.”

“We love you too Frey.” 

I turned around and held my elbows out, they linked an arm each, and we strode over to our proudly awaiting families. Cassie and Tyler walked on towards their families when I slowed down. I’d spotted someone out the corner of my eye. Over by the school building was the guy I'd seen earlier with the bunch of dead flowers. He beckoned with his hand for me to follow him, then slowly snuck behind the school building, out of my view.

I looked over to my mom and the others, and they were all pre-occupied. So, I decided to follow him and find out if he was real, or a figment of my imagination. I slipped away and headed down the side of the school building. I turned the corner and walked around the back of the school. I scanned around but he was nowhere in sight. I shrugged and said out loud,

“I must be going mad!” 

I turned around to go back to the others, but quickly stepped backwards as the guy was now standing right in front of me. My heart was racing as I looked around to see if I could run past him, but he moved with lightning speed and grabbed me by my neck. I winced in pain when he slammed me into the wall and pinned me up against it. Staring helplessly into his deep brown eyes, my tears began to slide down my cheeks, and I found it increasingly difficult to breathe. My discomfort went unnoticed by the guy, he just scanned up and down my body like some sort of pervert. 

I didn't like the road it was headed down, so I commenced clawing at him and thrashing around, trying to get away. He hissed at me and squeezed his hand tighter around my throat causing me to choke and gasp for air. I froze in fear when he moved closer to me, and with tears still streaming down my face, I quickly closed my eyes when his lips met mine. I tried to keep my mouth tightly shut, while his tongue forcibly tried to gain entry. I sobbed uncontrollably when his tongue managed to break through my barrier and roamed freely, inside my mouth. I made sure to keep my own tongue firmly planted to the bottom of my mouth. 

He finally finished his putrid kiss and pulled his face away from mine. I peeled open my eyes and watched as he wiped his mouth with his free hand. He smirked at me then squeezed my neck even tighter, cutting off my air supply completely. Little black dots began to flood my vision, and before I knew it, his evil grin was all I could see. It was etched into my brain while the rest of the world began to fade into an all-consuming darkness. 


I awoke to a girl's soft voice calling out my name.

“Freya? Freya are you ok?” Elsa asked with concern in her voice. 

She was kneeling down on the floor next to me, and had her hand was held out for me to take. I took her hand and slowly rose to my feet. I straightened out my clothes and asked her,

“What happened?” 

She shrugged and replied,

“I have no idea. I was heading back to my car and found you lying there, unconscious. Do you remember anything?” 

I stood there for a moment trying to remember what had just happened. I couldn't remember a thing.

Why am I at the back of the school? 

I shook my head, then replied to Elsa,

“No, the last thing I remember was walking over to our parents with Cassie and Tyler, then it all goes blank.” 

She shrugged again.

“Hmm, how strange. Well you seem ok now. Do you need me to walk you back?” 

She actually sounded quite sincere in her offer, but I felt fine.

“Na, I'm good. But thank you for helping me, Elsa.” 

I leaned in and gave her a hug. 

She began to walk in the direction of the parking lot, and I strolled the opposite way, back towards the others.

“Oh hey, Freya?” I heard Elsa shout and I turned around to see what she wanted. “Do you know that guy over there?” She asked as she pointed over towards a brand-new white Land Rover.

Standing beside it was the guy with the dead roses. I furrowed my brow as I looked at the bunch of flowers, they weren't dead anymore. In fact, they were beautiful again like the bunch I'd originally seen him with. I shook my head at Elsa as I continued to watch the guy.

“Oh ok, never mind I thought he was being a creep. He was just standing there staring at you, but I guess he was actually staring at her,” she said while pointing to someone behind me. I spun around, and a girl in a graduation gown waved at the guy. She then ran towards him with her arms open wide. Elsa waved me goodbye then headed back towards her car. 

I couldn't shift the feeling that I was missing something. I stared at the couple a little longer. The girl then looked at me and smiled widely, before turning back around towards the guy. I blushed as the guy grabbed her ass with one hand then swept her hair aside with the other. I didn't know why, but I couldn't take my eyes off of them. He peered up and smirked at me, showing off a set of pearly white, very sharp teeth. 

Did I just see fangs? What the hell? They were fangs, I'm sure of it! No, they can't be... 

My confused thoughts were cut off as he lowered his head towards her, then sunk his fangs into her neck. Images flashed before my eyes. In the images, I was the girl and the strange guy was sinking his fangs into my neck instead. I gasped for air as panic overtook me. Suddenly a hand grabbed the top of my head, and another held onto my shoulder. My head jerked to the side and a searing pain shot through my neck as fangs pierced through my skin. The world once again began to slip away from me as darkness dragged me away from eternal light.

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