Chapter Five 3. Hunter

This was not supposed to happen. 

Hunter was still furious with members of the Clan interfering with this. And he knew Celeste’s Nona would not have stood for it. He couldn’t hold her leaving against her though. The Clan would never have accepted them if she hadn’t left; he just wished she was here to give Celeste a chance to be with her mate. 

As it was, they sat in the small living room, in nervous silence while Hunter made them a hot chocolate. He didn’t feel like there was much else he could do, but he needed to do something. 

Giving Celeste hers she offered him a pained smile that tugged at his heart. He tried to hand Sally hers but she wouldn’t unwrap her arms from around her body. He sighed, placing it on the coffee table in front of her and sitting on the arm of the chair Celeste had sunk into. 

“What’s going on?” Sally whispered. She wouldn’t even look at Celeste and his ma

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Mel Dixon
One day I will be able to fit all my time and energy levels into this, but for now I will keep plodding through
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Hazel Lowell
I never want the chapters to end!! Poor babies, all three of them </3

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