After my work and all the meetings, I went back home. I wanted to take a shower. Also wanted a quick release. The day was frustrating and stressful. I entered the house and everyone zipped up their mouths. It felt like they were trying to hide something from me. I just rolled my eyes at them all and went into my room.

I stripped my clothes off of my body and stepped into the bathroom. Someone was already in the shower. I smirked as I heard him singing. I opened the door of the shower and he screamed. Then he covered his dick with his hands. I chuckled and went to him. His back hit the wall and I caged him between my huge figure and the wall. He gulped hard and looked at me.

He was scared of me. I liked that. I did not know why, but I liked dominating him. I leaned in and captured his lips. I pinched his nipples and he moaned. "On your knees. Suck my dick." I ordered him and stroked my already hard dick.

He knelt down in front of me and did as I had ordered him. He grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times. He then pushed it inside his mouth and started sucking it. I threw my head back in pleasure. I did not know when I started to feel excited with men. I was not a gay. I was a man. But his way was better than Tina. Of course, I could have her any time I wanted. But Sebastian was something else.

He looked at me with his hooded eyes. I was getting closer to my release. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my dick inside his mouth all the way in. He gagged and with the vibration, I reached to my ecstasy. I unloaded myself in his mouth. He swallowed it but did not look at me. I also knelt down in front of him and pulled him towards me. I kissed him and to my surprise, his cheeks turned pink. He was blushing hard.

I shook my head and stood up again. I bathed and he stepped out of the bathroom. I changed my clothes and stepped out of my room. I went to the kitchen where everyone was already. I took my seat beside Sebastian. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and mama glared at me again. "I did not do anything now mama. Why are you angry at me?" I asked mama innocently.

"Don't you dare play your innocent game. We both know he is afraid of you." She said and I rolled my eyes.

"He is not here to celebrate his vacations. He is kidnapped. He should be afraid of me. I am the boss here." I said with a smirk and shrugged my shoulders carelessly. Mama grabbed a cucumber and threw it on my head. Everyone started laughing. Sebastian was laughing as well. 

I looked at him and I could not help but smile seeing his smile. His smile, his emotions were pure. Like he was a baby. Like I was watching a baby smiling in front of me. He was very pure against the things I had heard about him. I frowned when I remembered the things I had heard about him. That made me wonder, were they actually true or somebody played a game with me. I could not help but think.

"Tristan Santiago…" Mama's voice brought me back to reality. I looked up at mama who was still glaring at me. 

"Yes mama?" I asked casually.

"Give me back my cucumber. If you are not planning to fill your ass with it." She said and I rolled my eyes at her cursing. She was really cute. I stood up and went to her. I bowed my head and gave her the cucumber. She finally smiled and hugged me.

Just then, I looked around and realized that my doll was nowhere in sight. I went back to the table and took my seat. "Where is Tina? I have not seen her since morning? She did not join us for breakfast as well." I asked and everyone avoided my gaze. Sebastian stood up and left. He looked scared of something I did not understand.

"I am asking a question. Where is she?" I almost yelled at everyone. They all jumped and looked at mama with pleading eyes. Mama signalled them to leave. They all stood up and left me with mama. Mama came and sat beside me.

"Honey, I am so sorry. They have been looking for her all day. She is nowhere to be found. While you were getting ready for your work in the morning, she packed her stuff and left." She replied and I just nodded my head.

"How did you come to know?" I asked, controlling my anger in front of the woman who has been a mother to me.

"When I was preparing breakfast, Samuel came and said he was watching the CCTV footage. He saw her leaving. Since morning he has been trying to find her. I am so sorry kiddo." She replied and I gritted my teeth. I stood up and stepped out of the kitchen. I went to the bar I had in the house and started drinking. Perhaps, a woman can not be loyal. I had witnessed it all my life. Perhaps, women can not just stick to a single man. I did not remember how long I kept on drinking. 

I felt everyone had already left for the night. They were all in their rooms. I stood up and we went back to my room. As I stepped into my room, I found him sleeping peacefully on my bed. He was looking like a newborn baby. Like he was sleeping peacefully for the first time in his life. Jealousy took over my senses as a wide smile appeared on his face. I did not know why, but I was jealous of him. "He was kidnapped, how come he could still be happy." I thought.

I went into my closet. I pulled out the cuffs with a cane stick and a leather whipper. I smirked mischievously as I thought about the fun I was about to have with him. "He is happy here. Having a good time here like he is on vacation. I will definitely teach him a good lesson. I will tell him how to behave around his kidnappers." I thought and went back to the bed. Slowly, I cuffed him with the headboard of the bed and tied his legs with the bed as well. 

He was practically laying on his stomach. Then I made a mistake. I let the anger control me. I did something I will regret all my life. I should have been better. I should not have done that to him. He was very innocent. And I did something that still stings me whenever I think about it. And it pains me like hell. But I can not do anything. I had already done it with him. I really thought if I just would have listened to Nickon when he said not to hurt him. But, me and my ego. They were bigger than anything or anyone. 

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