I woke up abruptly when I felt a sharp slap on my ass. I screamed loudly and looked around with my sleepy eyes. It was him. He looked angry. Very angry. I gulped in fear and started praying for myself. He looked like a mad man out of control. He slapped my other ass cheek and I screamed in pain. It was like he wanted to see me in pain.

He tore my PJs and threw them on the ground. My eyes widened in horror when he picked up the whipper with a dark smile on his face. "Tristan, please don't do this. I am begging you. Don't hurt me." My begs were all unheard when the whipper collided with my ass. It was worse than any pain I had ever experienced in my life. But I have to admit, it was somehow pleasurable as well.

Hearing my screams, the others started banging the door of his bedroom. I tried to get myself free but he cuffed me and my legs were also tied. "Tristan, do not hurt that kid. Please, just listen to me. You can not just make him pay for whatever Tina did. That bitch is the one who needs to be taught a lesson. That kid did nothing to get hurt like this. Please just stop." I heard Nickon roaring from the outside. But Tristan did not care about it. 

One after another, he kept whipping me until my ass felt numb. I was crying crazily because of the pain. Yes, it was pleasurable but it was painful as well. I knew I would not be able to sit straight for a week. Because even my ass felt numb, he still did not stop whipping me. He kept doing his work as the others kept screaming at him from outside. Every single time, the whipper landed on my ass with full force. 

I was shaking with both pleasure and pain. My shaft was erect due to all spanking and whipping. By the time he dropped the whipper on the ground, I was crying. My hiccups were nowhere to be stopped. I did not know what I did so wrong that he was beating me so furiously. I did not even understand why my body was reacting over his punishment. Maybe because I found him attractive. Or maybe because he was doing something that I had fantasized. "Tristan, do not do anything you would regret later. We know nothing about the kid. Please stop." Nickon again begged from the other side of the door.

I sulked onto my breath when I saw him picking up the cane stick. Because I knew the whipper was pleasurable but cane would be painful as hell. I shut my eyes tightly and waited for him to do whatever he wanted to do. But it never came. Before he would have started flogging me, mama stepped into the room and stopped him. She snatched the cane stick from his hand and looked at me. She then slapped him hard on his cheek. It was like he had woken up from his dream. He looked around with wide eyes. Like he did not expect that would be happening in reality.

"à quoi pensais-tu Tristan?  Pourquoi tu lui as fait du mal comme ça?  Ne vous ai-je pas dit de vous éloigner de lui?  Ma sainte mère Jésus, regarde-le.  Ce que tu viens de lui faire.  il ne restera pas assis pendant les dix prochains jours.  Bien joué, tu viens de blesser une âme innocente sans tout savoir de lui.  juste bien fait.  votre papa sera très heureux de savoir ce que vous venez de lui faire.  foutre le camp d'ici. " (What were you thinking Tristan? Why did you hurt him like this? Did I not tell you to keep yourself away from him? Holy mother of Jesus, look at him. What you just did to him. He will not be sitting straight for the next ten days. Well done son, you just hurt an innocent soul without knowing everything about him. Just well done. Your papa will be very happy to know what you just did to him. Get the fuck out of here.) She said angrily and pushed him out of the room.

"Nickon, come and untie him please." Mama said and Nickon helped her untie me. After untying me, he helped me up. I was not even able to stand straight. Not just because my ass hurt, but also because I was hard. Thank God, Nickon was there to help me. I was not sure without help, I would be able to stand.

"Take him to the bathroom, Nick. Help him bathe then let me know. I better call the doctor. I am so sorry son. If I knew he would behave like an animal, I would never have left this house." Mama said with a disappointed look on her face. I did not like to see her like that. It was not her fault that her son was like that.

"It's okay mama. It was not your fault. I will be fine in no time." I replied and forced a smile on my face. Nickon wiped my tears with his palm.

"You really have a big heart son." Mama said and she stepped out of the room. Nickon took me to the bathroom and filled the tub with lukewarm water. He helped me sit into the tub, once the tub was ready. I screamed loudly as I felt a sharp pain in my ass. It was very painful to sit in a hot tub with an erect shaft. My skin was stinging. I knew it would not be just bruised but wounded as well. Nickon rubbed my back and helped me sit into the tub. Nickon was different from the others. He was more human than the others. Especially more human than Tristan.

Once I was in the tub, he ran back out of the bathroom then stepped in again with a bottle of water. My throat felt sore due to constant crying and screaming. Nickon helped me drink the water. I was very thirsty. I downed it's content in one go. Then Nickon left me to bathe. Once she was out, I started stroking my dick. It did not take me long and I released myself. I then washed my body.

Once done, I called Nickon and he helped me out of the bathroom. I knew I would not be able to sit for days. Hell, I was sure I would not be able to wear anything because my but was hurting.

I laid on my stomach. Soon the doctor came to check me up. He checked me up. He cleaned my wounds and applied an ointment on my wounds. "Luckily, it's nothing too serious. He will soon be fine. It will take a day or two, then everything will be fine. By the way, if you don't understand, why do you play these games?" Doctor asked and I hid my face in the pillow. The doctor prescribed some medicines for me and left. Mama stepped into the room with a tray of food for me. My stomach growled loudly as the smell of fresh chicken soup made its way to my nostrils. I licked my lips and smiled widely.

Forgetting about my ass, I sat up on the bed but winced in pain. Mama quickly set the tray aside and helped me lay back. Then she fed me her own hands. "I apologise for whatever he did to you son. He was out of his mind. I am not defending him. I just know what he did was wrong. That is why I was asking everyone to get you out of his room. I am so sorry honey." Mama said and I felt bad.

"Please do not apologise mama. I know it was not your fault. I do not know what I have done that he punished me like that. But that is okay. It will take some time, but it will heal and I will forgive him too. Don't worry." I replied and her eyes filled with tears. She wiped her tears and smiled.

"You really have a big heart son. God bless you." She said and fed me. I was happy because for the first time in ten years, I was pampered like this. Ever since my parents died, I was the one who sacrificed everything. Even though my ass was hurting, I was happy because I had a mother who was taking care of me.

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