Chapter 4 Cool man and strange place

"Oh my goodness! That's true, yes that's because this place ... ah how to explain it huh? You can ask Akira about that. I can't answer! " he replied with a sad expression.

"Yes, it's fine if you can't answer it. Where is he now? "

"Maybe he's in his office, but we can't go there. He wants to comment alone, we can wait for him here. How about we sit first? Yes later Akira will also come here again! ”

"Yes, fine then, no problem!"

Then Aresha and I sat on the sofa. This sofa is very soft and comfortable. The color is also bright, and there are roses on his desk.

As I sat down, I watched the whole room and chatted with Aresha.

"Aresha, who do you live with here?"

"Yes, I live with my father and sister"

"Your mother?"

"Oh mother, you say that you are there. It's just that we haven't been allowed to meet mom. I said, I will look for mom and bring her back "

Hearing Aresha's answer, I thought about this family. Yes, it seems like this family has family problems and that means I can't keep questioning about this family. I have to ask about something else and have to be more interesting than a family matter.

"Aresha, this house is very spacious, huh? The interior is also attractive, all in classic style. Ah, yes I really want to go home quickly. But if going to the apartment would be very dangerous. Can I stay here overnight? Tomorrow, I will go home! "

"Yes, of course, I'm very happy that you live here."

"Where is your father? I have to ask her permission to live here right? ”

"Yes, of course, but don't worry, without even meeting, Daddy will definitely allow you to stay here"

"Huh, is that so? But it's not polite if you don't ask for permission directly ”

"It's okay, no problem. My father is not a hot-tempered man, he is merciful. "

"Yes, fine then. Will the man I met last long in his study? "

"Who do you mean? Akira, hmm?

"Yes, that is so!"

"Yes, it seems, you can rest in the room. Let me take you to your room first, talk to him tomorrow morning "

"Yeah okay, I'm also tired!"

Princess Aresha also showed me her room, I followed her steps from behind. We both climbed the stairs until we arrived at a spacious room.

"This is your room, yes it happens to be empty and just cleaned. So you can sleep here. "

"Yes, thank you, this room is very spacious, huh?"

"Yes, that is so. How come there are more spacious rooms, should I show you? "

"Ah no. This is enough. I'm so tired, I'm just sleeping here. Is it safe here? "

"Yes, of course, who will bother you? No one here would dare to bother you! "

"Yes, that's good, then, I'll rest first, okay? Good night, Aresha! "

"Night, An. Sleep well huh? "

"Yes!" I replied immediately laying down on a soft mattress, then I closed my eyes and slept soundly but stayed awake.

Meanwhile in the main room, two men had been waiting for Aresha, who had escorted the girl to her bed.

Aresha who had just arrived in the main room immediately got a few questions from the two men who had been waiting.

"So, is he sleeping?" asked a man who was none other than the man An had waited for. He is Akira, the man who followed her from the apartment and brought her here.

"Well, he keeps asking about you. What did you do with him? "

"I am not doing anything!"

"Hey, is that really him?"

"Yes, of course, why? Do you think I was wrong to bring people here? "

"Yes, I think so, just look at her appearance, does the goddess of life look like that?"

"Huh, you really like to look down on others. Do not ever judge him only in terms of appearance alone, I'm very sure if it's really him. I have never forgotten the bond of dreams with him. "

"Yes alright. I trust you."

"Then what about him? He keeps asking about you! He said he wanted to talk to you, he wanted to say thank you and it looks like tomorrow morning he will leave this place ”

"Huh, then prevent him from leaving here. Take him for a walk around the city, buy him something he wants. Make him curious about this country a little, yes that way he will stay here right? "

"Geez, do you really think she's a girl like that? He won't be like that! "

"We'll see, he'll love his walks with you. I am sure of it!"

"Whatever you say, I'll do it tomorrow morning!"

"Yes, alright," Akira said as if she didn't care, but Princess Aresha thought differently from Akira.

Unexpected by Akira, Princess Aresha quickly approached him and looked at him with a sharp look.

"You are serious? You will lose your chance with him if I accompany him! ” Aresha looked at Akira very closely, then Aresha stepped back.

Akira who got the gaze was shocked, he could not move. His mind was fixed on the words of Aresha. What Aresha said has a point. Akira took a deep breath, she looked at Aresha and said, "Yes, I know, but if he sees me like this, is he not afraid? You have to remember something, we are not humans! "

"Yeah, that's right, but you look handsome too. Why is he afraid? "

"Ah, geez! I've seen it almost scared to see me know! ”


"When I picked him up and brought him here. I left him because he was still scared, I didn't want to knock him unconscious. Therefore I ask you to accompany him! "

"Akira, yes, I understand now. Aresha and I will accompany him tomorrow, you just prepare yourself well. Yes, there will also be a time for you to meet him later. "The two of us can't possibly keep him company" Yasashi said.

"Why? Wouldn't it be better for you two to accompany him, that way he would accept you right? "

"That's true, but in the same way he will put his heart on me!" Yasashi said smiling sweetly.

Yasashi's words were not funny to Akira, instead Akira was upset by that remark.

"What do you mean?" Akira said as she stood up and threw up her arms.

Yasashi spontaneously chuckled, "Hahaha ... then dare yourself to accept yourself as you are. If it's fate like that then nothing will stop you two right? "

Akira stopped angry at Yasashi, Akira sat back on the sofa. He smiled sweetly and when he chuckled.

"Yes, fine, fine. Just take care of him well, don't let him go home sooner! " said Akira decided.

Princess Aresha and Prince Yasashi smiled sweetly. They approve this decision now.

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