I shake my head, not daring to turn to him, "I'm sorry, I thought you didn't want to be disturbed, you were watching the news." I answer with my head bowed.

I listened as his footsteps approach where I'm standing and my heart speed up its beat and I try to keep myself from doing something silly. "Why are your eyes glued to the floor, kid?"

I sigh, knowing he will not give up. William is not stupid and if there's something he is; he's smart, smarter than I can ever be. He walks even closer to where I am so now I can hear his heartbeat, as well as the heat coming from his body and all I want to do, is lean into him completely, but I can't.

"Nothing William," I reply, hoping that would make him stay away, oh how wrong I was.

"Then look at me," he breathes, but I can also pick up the order in his voice.

When I don't obey, he cups my cheek in his hand, lifting it and when my eyes still don't gaze into his, he tilts up my chin and this time I'm trapped, staring at his beautiful, grey eyes.

"Tell me whatever's bothering you, kid, and I shall see that it becomes history." He vows under his breath and I don't need to be told twice to notice he means what he's saying, but telling him he's the one bothering me would be preposterous.

If only I can tell him how I feel right now.

I can't, so instead, I reply, "Prom is this Friday and I still don't have a date." I lie fast, without blinking, and he lets go of my face.

He smiles, and he takes a step back, his eyes dimming a little before he gives me one of those charming smiles. "Tell me the guy it is you like at school kid and you'll take him to prom on Friday."

"That's the problem, William; I don't like any guy at school," I say, annoyed at myself.

His brow squints interestingly. "You like girls?”

"What!!" I exclaim.

He chuckles before taking my hand into his and rubbing a small circle on it. "I'm completely okay if you are."

"I'm not gay, William!" I yell in anger and yank my hand away from his touch and turn away from him. How the hell would he ever think that? I don't like other guys because I already like him, but I guess he doesn't know that.

I feel a pair of strong, but gentle hands on my shoulder and although leaning into them more isn't an option, I desperately want to. "Okay then, is there a guy around you fancy kid?"

Yes, you. But I can't tell you that because you still see me as a damn kid.

"No, not really." I groan and try to fight back my tears as I know how I desperately want to admit the truth and tell him I'm in love with him, but I don't say that. "I mean, who would even like me? Obviously, I'm not pretty or outgoing like the other girls at school. Guys hardly notice someone like me."

He turns me to himself so I can look into his softening eyes again and damn, can they not be so perfect? "You are pretty kid, smart and well reserved in your own amazing way, and I tell you that any guy would be lucky to have you and if they don't, then it's because they are blind." He says, beaming.

"What about you? Would you go out with someone like me?" I ask and my question takes him by surprise.

A raspy, but surprised laugh escape him and goodness his laugh is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life. His sparkling eyes make me feel like I'm staring into heaven. "I would have, but we are tw-two different peopl-e" he stutters, his words sounding off and weary. "You are too young and fragile and also innocent. We don't fit."

My heart clenches in pain and grows in hope, and I cannot place my hand around the exact feeling I'm having. "But if I wasn't, would you have considered?" I know I am pushing his limit with these questions, but I cannot help it. There's nothing else to lose anymore and everything to gain. I can't even remember when last I didn't feel like a loser with him.

His eyes soften and if I'm not seeing things, I'd say it's with pity and that is the last thing I need from him now. "Kid--"

I cut him off before he can hurt me more. "It's okay, don't answer it." I open the door, "I'll be in my room." With that, I slam my door shut.

I throw my bag as well as myself down on the bed and my hands spread around the clean and soft bed sheet and I draw in a deep breath of the heavy smell of the lemon detergent used in washing the bedsheet.

Today has been the closest I've ever gone with my feelings for William and I was stupid, asking him if he'd ever noticed me. The highest someone like him can feel for someone like me is pity, and I get that now.

I lay there, not having the power to cry and not wanting to go to that low point. I was mad at myself for giving him the place in my heart and mind and soul.

I hear my phone beeping in my bag and I pick it up to see a message from the same unknown number earlier.

In bed and can't stop thinking about you, babe.

P.S. wish you were here.

What are you wearing?

I groan, reading the messages I am getting from the dick called Bruce. Can't he figure out when someone isn't interested?! With my anger mixed with frustration, I scroll to my call blocker app and added the number into the blacklist, and then I blacked it before returning and deleting all his messages before tossing it back on the bed and closing my eyes.

The phone beeps again, and I groan loudly in frustration. Is the call blocker app fake or something? I pick the phone up, wondering what the moron called Bruce has sent this time. When I open the message, I realise it isn't from Bruce like I'd expected. It's from William.

The answer to your question is NO kid, I wouldn't consider it.

I expected something like this. That is why I have always kept quiet about my feeling and never let them show until now because I was afraid of the brutal truth that would get slammed to my face. I bite down hard on my quivering lips and the tears I'd concealed earlier run down my face. The pain that I'm feeling now, that burns in my heart are the one I can't control, my heart quakes, the breath in my nostril short and the next hours that pass I spend on the bed, crying my heart out.


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