Seven thirty A.M.

The ray of sun on my face wakes me up and I pull myself off the bed to a sitting position and glance around the room strangely. Was it a dream, or did William kiss me last night? I smile harder when I realised it wasn’t a dream and I throw the covers off my body and get up from the bed in glee. I stop myself to ask what did our moment last night even mean. After a minute of not figuring the answer, I returned to being happy for the outturn of things last night.

Today is Saturday and it prom day!! And I can finally ask William to be my prom date and I hope to heavens that he accepts.

There is really no time to delay, so I run into the bathroom and I brush my teeth in a rush and take a quick bath; that’s if you’d consider thirty minutes bath ‘a quick bath’ and I come into my room and dry my hair and put on my casual wear, a pink skirt reaching my knee and a white crop top and I almost forget to put on my glasses. Talk about being eager.

I meet Cassandra on my way do
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