Twenty six

After we left the house, Seth kissed Chloe goodbye and went for lectures while Liam, Chloe and I make the trip to the wedding gown shopping plaza to look for the perfect gown for tomorrow’s wedding.

We walk into the plaza and Liam turns to us, “The arrays of gowns are in this section,” he points to the left-hand side of the plaza, “keep up ladies.”

We follow behind him, and Chloe speaks. “Why would you ever think that of both William and Arthur?”

I had narrated the entire event to her on our way here and she just seems to have understood it now.

“You weren’t there Chloe, you didn’t see what I saw... Or at least what I thought I saw.” I say, falling into steps with her.

“What you saw was probably two guys who are working to mend their relationship, which was your own idea, right?”

I sigh in defeat, “I guess I just saw more than that……. I don’t know. He said William had to tell me the truth though.” I say, my eye dropping to my fidgeting hands.

She puts her hand on my shoulder and
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goodnovel comment avatar
they don't have to get married right away but at least he can stop pushing her away and giving the excuse of she's just the kid he is responsible for.
goodnovel comment avatar
i think it is william who is making things complicated for him and karen. look at her friend chloe getting married young. it means she can engage in a full committed relationship, maturely at that, if only william will give them a chance. it will save them both the heartaches and pains.

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