“Once upon a time, there were two sisters. Riley and Rachel Heiner. They were complete polar opposites. Riley was two years older than Rachel, and was a big-time rebel. She defied her parents and partied all night. She got herself a tattoo when she was sixteen and a piercing at seventeen. She was a popular cheerleader at her school and wore shocking outfits. She could down shots quicker than she could solve sums. She was nothing but trouble. Meanwhile, Rachel was an introvert. She was a complete sweetheart and was gentle and caring. She was a straight A student, an all rounder. She never did anything against her parents’ wishes. She was the one who cleaned up after Riley’s messes, the one who drove her home when she was too drunk to drive, the one who covered up for her sister’s disappearances. Nevertheless, they always got along well. There was just one problem.

“They loved the same guy.

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