Chapter Forty Three

Note: If you think this book is boring, please stop reading it. No one is forcing you to. I’m sorry it's boring and I’m sorry that you think it's ‘’too slow’’. I assure you, I’m not dragging it out, people need to remember that abuse doesn’t just happen one day. People don’t realise they are being abused until it's too late and then they can’t see a way out. Bear that in mind before commenting; ‘’Not very realistic’’ because the truth is… this book is written, based on true events.

I just wanted to make that clear to those who don’t understand what it's like to suffer domestic violence and assault. 


Chapter Forty Three

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@AmandaStJames... thx!
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda StJames
When she took the phone in the kitchen, she said Andy's name. He heard her x
goodnovel comment avatar
Harley Jones
this is what will trigger Andy to hurt her and I just hope James fights for what he actually wants and doesn't just abandon her 😭😭 shits about to go down

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