Savage Little Nerd
Savage Little Nerd
Author: Queen__Bee

Hunter is a 17 year old boy that's a genius. He's smart, handsome, charming, sweet; everything to be the perfect boyfriend; the only down part of him is that he's too sassy and asocial. He always has those sassy comebacks and sometimes doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Bullies and jocks think just because he's a nerd that means they could walk all over him. But they're gonna get another thing coming; Hunter basically doesn't take other people's bullshit and he's not gonna start now.

To make him more charming, he has practiced mixed martial arts since he was young, and has won a lot of golden medals; but he doesn't fight back when the bullies try to beat him up, he only just dodges to not let one of them end in a hospital. 

Adrien on the other hand is 17 and an egocentric jock. He's really handsome, charming with the ladies, not that smart and full of himself. But, he's not like every jock. You see, he may act all tough and intimidating; but, he's actually a childish, sweet and adorable big baby. And overall, way to trusting

What happens when Hunter and Adrien encounter for the first time? And what happens when Adrien suddenly shows his true self to Hunter?

Find out in Chapter 1 See you next time! :)

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