Melissa Calderon

School went by like a flash after that little incident, and I was able to get home without causing too much of a scene. I surprise myself sometimes.

I was now siting on my chair doing homework on the desk, also while listening to my weird music playlist. 

When I finished doing homework I decided to lay on my bed and check my phone. "No notifications, like always"; I thought while I looked at the ceiling, continuing to listen to my playlist. I was currently listening to "Here by Alessia Cara", and was in a deep gaze with my rooms ceiling. Staring at the white ceiling and how they contemplated the blue grayish walls that were recently painted in the room. To admit I'm really fond of dark colors for some reason and I don't know why. Maybe because it defines me sometimes...... Oh well.

The house was extremely quiet; that may be from my mother's departure. The thing is, my father, mother and little sister stayed here for a few months before going overseas. My parents transferred jobs, and I decided to stay here. But I'm not specifically alone , there is a housekeeper that comes and goes here; she just cleans as I already know how to cook. Even though there isn't much to clean; I always do my chores regularly.

~Knock Knock~ Ding dong~ Ding dong~

"I wonder who could that be?". I thought while making my way towards the door. I opened the door to expose a teenage girl looking at the ground.

"Hey, I just moved here and-", she stopped when she looked at me." Oh my god!! Hunty is that you?!", my eyes widen when I saw her face.

"Mel! What are you doing here?! Its good to see you I have missed you!", I said pulling her to a big hug and then invited her inside.

You see, Melissa is my cherished childhood friend from my old town. We used to play so much together and she used to protect me from the bullies when I was in kindergarten. Because of that, I decided to learn mix martial arts to protect myself and stop relying on Melissa, and also to be able to protect her. Even though I don't say it, I love her so much; she's like my sister. Although my real sister has just left.

"Well, I told my parents that we should move here; because I was bored without you." She said making her way to my new room.

"Haha very funny, now tell me the real reason you're here." I said literally throwing myself on my bed just like her.

"What, I can't miss my best friend and decide to move where they currently live?" She said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"Well knowing you, you will do it but your parents wouldn't approve for just that silly statement. Now tell me the truth". I said looking at her.

"You got me. My dad transferred jobs so we needed to move". She said staring at my ceiling.

"Really?! So which school are you going to attend?" I asked, sitting up from my sleeping position.

"I don't know, some J Marbury something. All I know is its 5 blocks away." She said sitting up.

"J Marbury high school?" I asked a little astonished about how she was going to be able to attend the same school as I. Don't get me wrong, she is very smart but I thought that the school was full.

"Yeah that one, I'm only attending that school because of its veterinarian program. How do you know the name?" She asked looking at me curiously.

"I'm attending that same school. Great, not only that your my new neighbor but were also attending the same school; just my luck." I said a little sarcastically throwing my hands in the air to make it a little more dramatic.

"No way! You're kidding me?! Are we really?!" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah," I said. I opened my arms preparing for the attacking bear hug that was coming. Although Melissa is small, she isn't skinny nor fat, she is what you consider as thick. Her skin is tan, her hair is curly dark blond and is long-reaching her half her shoulders and finally her big brown eyes. She is gorgeous and a fun girl to hang out with; the bad part about her is she is kinda annoying when she wants to and a little bipolar; but hey, which girl doesn't have her annoying and bipolar personality traits.

"Yay I get to be in the same school as my Hunty!" She yelled tackling me as expected with her massive bear hug. There we laid on the floor hugging for a few minutes. I really did miss her; she is the only friend that I have and I will always be their for her in the good and bad, just like she was for me.

"Now get off me you're way too heavy," I said jokingly. I pushed her off me and towards the ground. Their I stood seeing her role off me and going straight to the floor.

"Did you literally just pushed me to the floor" she said still laying there.

"Yes. Now what do you want to do?" I said getting up.

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" She said still on the floor.

"Let's watch something on Netflix" I suggested and she immediately turned her head towards me.

"I get to choose the movie and you go get the junk food" she ordered me and pushed me out of my own room.

She's always like this; demanding and lazy, but i still love her just like that. I went to the kitchen and grabbed all the junk food I saw in my reach. I got chips, soda, Oreos, and other types of munchies that my kitchen could have provided. I knowing that we were going to be watching Netflix in there for the whole day.

Once I got to my room with all the snacks I saw Melissa laying on the floor and looking at me.

"It took you long enough! Now come and pass me the food". She said in her demanding but playful tone as usual.

"Yeah yeah, so what are we watching?" I asked sitting next to her.

"I'm in the mood to cry a little so let's watch "instructions not included". She said pressing the play button. 


The movie was good and had a pretty sad ending I will rate it as a 9 because it had one little flaw. The male main character spoke in SPANISH!!!! Even though there were subtitles I barely caught up with it all. Knowing a little bit of Spanish, and having English subtitles is confusing, but why am I not surprised, I almost forgot to mention that Melissa is Hispanic and not any Hispanic, she's Dominican, as in from the Dominican Republic. Not to offend any Dominicans out there, but y'all are kinda crazy.

And by my side stood a crying Melissa mumbling some Spanish words that I could barely understand because of her sloppy crying. I understand some Spanish words thanks to Melissa and my Latino/ Hispanic family. I really can't learn with our so called "professional Spanish teachers " they provide in our schools. They don't know how to teach and put no effort into the accent.

"That~was~ a go~od mo~vie," she said between sobs and trying to dry up her tears with a napkin. "Now I'm in the mood to laugh, Hunt picks a good movie alright," she said passing me the control to pick a movie.

"Okay, let's watch Neighbors 2! I heard its hilarious," I said clicking on the movie.

"Okay," she said eating her third bag of chips.

"God how I missed her," I thought while watching the movie.

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I'm Dominican and Haitian, and yes we are very crazy.

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