Dracovia: The Awakening of the Old Magic - Book One
Dracovia: The Awakening of the Old Magic - Book One
Author: Ebony Rose

Prologue: The Aspects

Long ago the twelve aspects looked down, upon a world at war with itself and despaired. They had created a lush and fertile home, where they believed, people could thrive and be happy, instead the people fight over rights to land, resources and life partners. When they do settle, they only remain calmed for a short time, until they break into conflict again over matters such as pride and vanity.

Finally, the Mother Dragon, the oldest and wisest of the aspects could not bear to view this any longer, she gathered the others together and asked for their help to stop the conflict.

“My fellow aspects please hear me, the people we claim to care for, and guide, are destroying themselves and the world we created for them. We cannot sit idle any longer, they must be shown the error of their ways.”

The other aspects look at each other in response to her plea, all unsure.

“Good Mother Dragon, I hear what you are saying but, do they truly deserve our help? Are they not just barbaric heathens that would be better off if they did crush themselves into oblivion? Then we could fill the world with creatures more deserving of the gifts we have bestowed on them.”

There is murmuring among the group at the words of the Lord of Snakes, he is the least forgiving of all the aspects.

“I understand your view dear Snake and while I agree, they are violent creatures, they also possess great potential for good. I have seen it, small glimpses of light within the darkness. It is these small lights of hope, which I wish to fan into flames to guide the people to a peaceful and happy future.”

As the aspects ponder her words they look out to the world and see for themselves, the few souls to which she refers, and they are finally convinced that what she hopes to achieve could be possible.

“Very well Mother Dragon, I will follow you in this endeavor, however, I must know your intentions should this fail.”

The Lord of Tigers raises his head to meet the Mother Dragon’s gaze and fixes her with his own unwavering stare, she nods in acknowledgement of his concern.

“Of course, dear Tiger, there should always be consequences should expectations not be met. Therefore, I propose that we give them the guidance they require to set them on the right path. When they are stable, we will remove our influence for a set amount of time, to allow them to progress alone. Should they continue to follow the path we set them on, we will have succeeded. But, should they fall into the same chaos we see now, then we will cleanse the world once and for all, starting anew once more.”

A few gasps are heard around the room at the drastic proposal, none of the other aspects had ever expected to hear the Mother Dragon suggest such a brutal solution. However, seeing the determination in her eyes, they all agree that this is the appropriate action to take.

One by one the twelve aspects venture down to reveal themselves to the people of Zodia. Each aspect speaks with their chosen individuals and imparts on them the gravity of their situation. They imbue these individuals with the power of the aspects, the ability to shapeshift into their image, so that they can lead their people with the strength needed to guide them into a new peaceful future, thus creating the first generations of the twelve Royal Families. They also extend similar abilities to the rest of the population enabling the existence of lower rank shifters who can turn into other species to support the Royals.

Each kingdom grows under the leadership of their new kings and queens, they open trade routes and exchange work forces to help each other to prosper. The weaker, smaller kingdoms are afforded the protection of the strongest of their neighbors so that, in the event of a conflict, a resolution will be found quickly.

As the receivers of the Dragon’s blessing Dracovia become the most powerful of all and due to this power, it is always their responsibility to maintain the alliances between the twelve countries by remaining neutral.

The Tiger and Wolf, Tigrivale and Lupinaria, are the generals of Dracovia and become the protectors of the smaller kingdoms, bound by oath to lend aid and help to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

Thus, allowing for the Rat (Rattavale), Rabbit (Silvilagia), Ox (Taurosovia), Boar (Agrumvale), Ram (Ovisaria), Rooster (Avervale), Gorilla (Simiavaria) and Horse (Equivale) Kingdoms to prosper at their own rate. However, the Snake Kingdom (Serpentia) have a very arid, desert climate and they rely on trading their precious metals to the other Kingdoms for them to be able to obtain the resources they need to develop their land to produce a sustainable environment for their people to live.

They succeed on utilizing these resources but feel resentful that they are now, in their minds, indebted to the other Kingdoms and this makes them bitter towards their neighbors.

Regardless of this, peace reigns and for two thousand years the people of Zodia live the way the aspects showed them to, and they prosper under that guidance. Finally, the aspects remove themselves from having direct contact and step back to watch how the people will manage without them. For the next five hundred years they are happy with what they see, but gradually through the passing of time and the changing of generations the lessons of the aspects are lost, and the people forget what is important.

First, they start trying to manipulate the heirs of the Royal families by tricking them into false relationships. The couplings are binding until death, but the alliances created are eternal even after death. So, to prevent the manipulation of the marriage pact, the leaders begin arranging marriages between existing alliances to attempt to keep the peace treaties strong. But they ignore the wishes and needs of the individuals and instead of the future leaders caring deeply for one another, they begin to simply coexist and not care at all for their families or in some cases their own people whom they swore to protect.

This triggers the loss of their connection to the power given to them by the aspects. Slowly but surely each royal line loses their ability to shapeshift until finally only the Dragon, Tiger and Wolf retain their gift. But soon they too forget the lessons of the past and even the people of the kingdoms lose/forget the ability and are reduced to living once more as simple humans. A sense of unease settles, and the people are left wondering how long peace will remain in Zodia.

For the next one hundred years the Mother Dragon looks down in sadness at a world watching as the lights gradually disappear. They held such promise but once again, have lost their way. As she prepares to gather the aspects together once again, she is surprised to find that not all hope may be lost after all.

In Dracovia two small lights glimmer, and steadily grow brighter the closer they come together, and she smiles. But then they draw apart and she fears that she will witness another tragedy, as she watches them, she sees that although they are apart, they continue to shine brightly. Hoping for the best she continues to watch them, knowing that the fate of the world may ultimately depend on what they decide.

She also notices two small glimmers in Equivale, these four sparks are much like the first lights centuries ago and she watches, waiting, hoping that somehow, they will find a way to shine together and bring the world back onto the path to eternal peace.

“Please my young ones, I pray you find the strength to follow your hearts, to fight against those who would try to stop you and, that you find your way back to each other.”

Naturally since the deadline is nearing, as she watches these individuals, the other aspects begin to gather at her side and together, they wait to see what fate, the path of Love will lead the people of Zodia to in the end. 

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