When Hugo left me alone in the cave, I lay back down on the stone bed with the thin mattress and musty blanket. My eyes stared blankly at the ceiling of the cave with chaotic and erratic thoughts.

My thoughts and memories are as clear as crystal, from my childhood to the present. In less than a month, I had become a completely different person from what I was before—cold, cruel, heartless, and evil. Moreover, during that time I killed someone I seemed to have loved very much before—my mother.

My eyes blinked. There was a wet curtain covering my eyes, blurring my vision for a moment. My throat tightened, as if I was holding back a cry that if released would make me feel like a wailing child. However, there was one other feeling that held back all my feelings: ignorance.

I was sad, devastated, shocked by the fact that I used to be just an ordinary girl who wouldn’t be able to make my mother cry. Nevertheless, I also felt the chill I felt when tha

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Juana Gonzalez
this story is confusing and all over the place. you bring in characters and then forget to include them again back in the story. leaving for all of unanswered questions. Couldn't keep up with what you were trying to do and the end of the story just plain sucked.

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