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Important Documents Regarding the Immortals

By Koba Vampire Research & Data Agency (Koba VRDA)

1. Report in the "Modern Journal" newspaper by Nero Saputra

Vampires, creatures that touted as captivating and immortal human images of the Indonesian version, began to emerge in 2018 ago. By the clergy vampire lovers, it is said that the physical appearance and habits of vampires are the same as those of Western vampires, only which they are resistant to sunlight and are stronger. However, what is Indonesian vampire actually?

Indonesian vampires are not really the same as most Western vampires. My personal experience because of witnessing firsthand one of them is what made me write this.

The male vampire does not want to be mention here, because (as the vampire said) he was afraid that the Elders of the city where he lived would execute him because of exposing their lives and national identity to humans.

Meanwhile, the reason why he was willing to expose his own identity to humans is still a mystery to me. Maybe he just wants humankind knows about vampire, not only as a myth, but also as a creature as real as humans do, or because of personal grudges against his own people, or….

  1. Report in the magazine MYSTERY-a by Rosa

… self-recognition as a werewolf or vampire is not the first time has happened in Indonesia, even though these people cannot prove clearly, so they only labeled as brags.

At the beginning of the hottest news itself, the topic of vampires ranks first on trending topics on all social media and other electronic media in Indonesia for days. This, of course, is an exciting subject for discussion, both at home and abroad. The reason is, there is not much enthusiasm for topics on myths like this, and that is not Indonesia if there is no humor that arises due to an event. Of course, lots of memes, parodies, and other funny photos and videos that show as if Indonesia has never run out of topics to use as humor, also shows how the myth of the vampire sounds silly to the ears of Indonesian netizens.

 Even so, there are people who seriously claim to be vampires. Let's talk about a couple from Jakarta named Brian Andre and Liza Fernanda, who posted a number of photos on Instagram with a caption that showed that their confession wasn't to be laughed at. The couple became famous, but in the end, it was discovered that they were in fact just a pair of human beings, not vampires.

 In addition, reports of the existence of the creatures claimed to be immortal (accompanied by blurred photos or video) began to emerge in 2019 - 2020. Some number of people who claim to have seen someone with fangs that suddenly poked out from between their lips. Some claimed to have been in contact with one of the vampire nations and the wolf-shifter nation, and then publish it in a number of media. However….

  1. Personal Reports of Several Eyes To Koba-VRDA (Encrypted Message)

[Saoji Eyes - 2019, 01 January]

An eyewitness could take a photo of a vampire who was passing in an Exposed state. No need to worry. Eyewitnesses took pictures in a state of unpreparedness, and the results of the photographs were unclear. I have obscured the witness' memory with Simple-Hipno.

 [Dwolo Eyes - 2019, 01 April]

 Suspicious of an amateur journalist. Had followed some humans who he thought were vampires and wolf-shifters. One or two are actually them. Many take photos with very clear and good results. One photo shows a vampire on the edge of the forest, sucking the blood of a pig. It is too much evidence. Forced to erase some of his memory using Emergency-Hipno, and cover up the anomaly with a car accident. In the case of the shifters, it has been reported to the relevant people. Check, peruse, and double check. Everything has settled.

 [Tael Eyes - 2019, 01 August]

 Trying to make many people believe that Nero Saputra's report was just a hoax. Already eliminated the evidence. Nero became upset and angry, but there was nothing to worry about. Always watching Nero. Can't erase related witness memory. Looks like our Traitor has given him protection. Still trying to track down and chase traitors. Have suspicions, and is still investigating related vampires.



To all vampires living on Bangka Belitung Island!

In order to pay more attention and to tighten the protection of the whole city, the suspect concerned, namely the Cursed (HS), has escaped from the Lorentz Papua security booth. It reported that HS had left Papua and flew to Bangka Belitung, to hunt down someone suspected of being a wolvire.

Stay alert! If the related wolvire has been found, please take her/him to the nearest headquarters immediately. Therefore, then that wolvire can be placed into headquarters for tighter security.


Rokan Allegro, Indonesian High Management


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