A11: His Statement, I Think

I gape to hear the explanation. If he is joking, the composition is very good. If he is serious, that sounds weird.

“Why don't you publish yourself in this world?” I said curiously. “And… gosh, do vampires really exist? How could I be so far behind?”

Saga grinned. “Bara, humans will hate us when they see us truly in this world! Again, the law really exists. It's just that only vampires know.”

I leaned with an unsatisfied attitude.

“But, you see? We love movies and stories about vampires because they look cool, handsome and pretty too! So why not?” I tried to argue based on impromptu market research in my head.

Saga laughter bursts out. The waitress girl who was passing by turned to be curious.

“Try to imagine,” Saga whispered, leaning toward me. “Just imagine first. You beautiful girls are gossiping somewhere about Damon Salvatore's good looks, then a similar creature s

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