Chapter 63: Grandparents
"You really are going to work today? Sure?"

My voice sounded like I am bargaining. About three hours ago, we arrived in Manila. It was already two in the afternoon and Uno is busy fixing his sleeves.

"Yes, I need to go to work right now. I will come home early and cook your dinner, or I will just buy. What do you want?" He glanced at me and sat beside me. My shoulders were shrunk, and my lips protruding.

"Can't we stay here and just work tomorrow? I mean we just get off from a plane ride and it's tiring?"

Earlier, when I got out of the bathroom, I heard him talking to someone on the phone and when he saw me, he ended it and immediately went inside the bathroom and his clothes were already placed on the bed. And now, I am asking him to just sleep with me and not go to work.

I sighed.

"And you tell me that we can still stay in Batanes, huh?" I stood up and held his arms to fix his sleeve.

He glanced at me and licked his lips.

"Sorry, I just need to do it right now. I want to go home the
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