Chapter 67: Doubts and Queries

Uno is not cheating on me. Uno is not cheating again. Not when we are already married and having our firstborn.

Those were the words I chanted inside my mind as I tap my fingers at my forearms. My arms were crossed, same as my legs as I leaned my back at the sofa's backrest. It was already late, about ten pm and I should be sleeping by now but the things that I saw in Uno's shirt were etched on my mind.

No matter how hard I try to convince myself that it's just nothing, I know there is something going on. I can't sleep with those things running inside my mind. The thought of Uno, hugging another girl to the point that her scent transferred to his shirt makes me want to cry. But I am still having a glint of hope that Uno will not repeat the things that my parents did.

I don't want to make conclusions, I don't want to be like the old Farrah who closed her ears and mind to the things that she should know. The only thing that makes it different right now is that we

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