Chapter 71: Favorite Dish

This life is so unfair to me. I wish I could ask the creator to reincarnate me to a life where I can be happy. Not like this. Not when I have everything that I want but not everything that I need. I hate that I got all the riches but not the life I am longing for.

Everything that you are asking for won't be given to you unless you make an effort. What level of effort should I exert just to get my happiness? What more can I do just so I can finally have the life I am trying to hold?

It was almost. Almost a true love, almost a great every day, almost a happy family. I thought when I married Uno and watched how happy he is when we finally succeeded in making a family will make my unsaid dreams come true. I thought that maybe I could do the things I wasn' able to do with my family.

I thought that I would wake up first and cook for them, wake them up with a kiss and call them to eat with me. The things that I saw my mother doing was my silent dreams. Those things tha

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