Chapter 81: Merciless


That was her name.

With her black hair, brownish-red lipsticks, artificial curls, and narrow nose, she got me. I know from that day that I like her. This was the first time that I felt this kind of attraction.

I normally have crushes on celebrities and artists, some from my past school but with Farrah, it was different. I spent some months just watching her and occasionally approached her. May it be for a small pageant she won, a contest whom she said she doesn't like but is competitive enough to win and her birthday. I will sometimes greet her every time we will see each other, but I just found that a bit weird so I stopped myself from doing it and just smile when our eyes will meet.

Until I no longer like how boys hold him. She was a boy magnet! Every boy from the hallway would always turn their heads the moment she walks in the middle like a ramp model! It was making me angry, so I tried to be close to her and asked her if I can court her.

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