Chapter 7: Boyfriend

I unlocked my seatbelt and checked my face on the rearview mirror before going out of my sedan. I hung my small yet fashionable backpack on my shoulders and strutted my way to our building with my two inches block heels. 

"Good morning bitch." I greeted Van and sat on my usual seat. She just arches a brow and stared at me.

I put my bag behind my seat and placed my phone on top of my armchair. 

"What did you do last Saturday?" She asks and leaned closer. I furrowed my brows and pointed my index finger to her forehead and pushed it away from my face. 

"You stink, girl. Don't come near me." I teased and roll my eyes to make it look like I'm telling the truth. She puts her hand on her mouth and breathed. 

"The heck girl, you're a big fat liar! Of course, I wouldn't forget brushing my teeth!" She angrily slapped my shoulders and gritted her teeth. I barked into laughter, mocking her. 

"I didn't say you have bad breath, girl. I only told you that you stink," I arrogantly shrugged. "And you're gullible. I didn't know I have a stupid best friend. And for your information, just to clarify your comment, I'm not a big fat liar. Never in my entire life  I'll get too much weight."

She glared at me and wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, yeah. Why did I even try to be friends with the arrogant, self-centered daughter of Falcon Evans." She rolled her eyes and faced her bag to pick something. 

With that, my mood shifted from being bitchy to an annoyed one. Remembering what happened last Saturday made me want to do it again until I get revenge for that humiliation but I know it will do no good to our name. We are big in the business world and I couldn't afford to taint my beautiful image just because I'm angry with that shitty father of mine.

"To answer your first question, I tried to burn a bitch but it backfired." Sourness filled my voice as I balled my fists on top of the table. Never knew who I am my ass. 

Vannesa jerked on her position and faced me with her round eyes. "Really? What happened?" She clapped her hands and moved her head like an excited 7-year-old kid waiting for a bedtime story. 

My head dramatically fell as I stare at my best friend. "I saw Dad with a new mistress—or more like, an old maid whom I see for the first time." 

The way Dad called that bitch seemed like they are together for some time. And the girl doesn't look like a Filipino, so maybe she didn't know about Dad's real identity. Maybe, that father of mine told her that he's a rich old man. I shook my head. 

I told Van everything that happened last Saturday but I skipped the part where I got drunk and slept at Uno's house because there's nothing important with that. I don't even remember something about that night. The only thing that I knew is that I slept inside his room. 

"You're father did that? That's absurd! I will never forgive my father if he ever does that!" 

"Of course your father will not do that, you're dad is madly in love with your mother." The word in love makes me want to puke in here. 

"Yeah, right. Anyway, your phone is vibrating." She pointed at it using her lips which I followed. 

Uno's caller I.D is showing on my screen. He's not important so I canceled it. I was about to put it in my bag when he called again. Annoyed with him disturbing my gossip with Van, I answered him and threw van a wait sign before I stood up and go out of my room. 

"Miss Evans, where are you going?" The professor asked when I met her halfway. I put my phone down and covered the mic before answering. 

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'm just going to answer a call, I think it's an emergency since he's got a lot of missed calls." I said as an excuse and put the most innocent face I can give to make it more believable. 

The things I do for Uno. What the hell. 

"What?" I hissed as I rolled my eyes. 

I can only hear him breathing on the other line. "If you will not talk, I'll hang this up. I have a class to attend to." 

I licked my lips and stump my feet to emphasize how bored I was. Not that I really want to go and listen to our professor, of course, I would like to skip it but I never want to waste my time with a mute Uno Saldivar. 

"You're already in school?" His voice is small but enough for me to hear it clearly. 

"Of course, where else would I be when it's already nine in the morning?" I sarcastically said as I frown. 

"Yeah, and I'm outside your house. I said I'll fetch you today. I think you forgot." He said before cutting the line. 

My lips parted as I tried to think of what happened yesterday and it makes me want to slap myself for forgetting it. 

Anyway, he's not that important and it shouldn't be a problem so I just shoved the thought away and entered the classroom. 

The next hours are boring and my eyes are getting heavier each minute. When will this long class end? I want to go home and sleep. 

"Omg! At last!" I exclaimed when finally reached the cafeteria after sitting for ages. 

"I'll have the usual, Van. I'm going to search for a table." I said and walk on the nearest table I found. 

I glanced at the full-packed canteen and saw Jester on my far left who's also looking at me. He's seating with his group who's busy talking about something. I waved my hands and gave him a wink. He stood up and marched his way to my table, bringing the tray of his food.

"Can I sit here, gorgeous?" He smiled and sat in front of me.

"Why are you alone?" He pushed the tray aside and glanced at me. 

"Van is still ordering our food." I checked my phone and unlocked it only to see Uno's message. 


I missed two classes. 

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. The heck will I do if you miss the class? I put my phone down and poured all my attention to Jester. 

Jester is a jock. He plays for the school's basketball team and I heard, he's famous with the cheerleaders. His eyes were playful and his hair had always been messy. But I'll like it more if I'm the one who'll mess it. I smirked. 

"We missed a lunch date, right?" I said and leaned my back on the backrest. I licked my lips and plastered a wicked smile on my face. 

"When will we continue it?" I crossed my arms and stared at him playfully. He arched his brow and gave me a lopsided grin. 

"What about-" 

Someone sat beside me which made Jester's words stop mid-air. I didn't glance at the person, I know it's just Vanessa. I moved a bit to give her space and was about to reach the salad when a man's hand left a bowl in front of me. 

I immediately shifted my gaze and gaped when I saw Uno's sharp stare to Jester. He's wearing a white shirt and again, his black think glasses and his hair a bit messy, far from the usuallusually fixed hair of his.

His lips were pursed and his attention is all focused on Jester who's also looking at him with the same intensity. 

"Uh...Uno, what are you doing here?" I awkwardly asked which made him turn his gaze on me. 

"I should be the one asking that. What are you doing here...with him?" He said in a low voice and tilted his head. 

I bit my lips and moved away from him, making a gap between us. Sitting beside him and feeling his skin against mine give me an unfamiliar electrifying feeling I don't want to have. My heart started to beat fast as I shifted my gaze to Jester who's now crossing his arms while staring at the both of us. 

"Uh...where here to eat. Yes. We're going to eat." I avoided his gaze and bit my lips to stop it from quivering. I tried so hard to calm my breathing and masked my bothered face with a sharp glare. 

"Can you please leave our table?" I hissed. He clenched his jaw and shook his head before placing another bowl of meat in front of me. 

"I'm the one who has the right to eat with you so I'll leave." He said and stared at Jester with Piercing eyes. 

"Pardon? What right are you saying?" 

Uno has been acting weird after that night I slept with him. He had been so bold with his actions. 

"What's up with you guys that the mood in here seems so hard?" Vanessa's stagy voice broke the silence. She then glanced at the three of us and then nodded. 

"Seems like this table is now a battlefield, huh." She remarked and threw me a mocking smile as she sat beside Jester. I rolled my eyes and pointed the salad using my lips. "Give me that, I'm hungry." 

I stood up to reach the bowl when Uno held my hand to pull me down. I gave him a questioning look.

"Eat this instead of that...bowl of grass. You're not a goat, Farrah." He commented and pushed the bowl of meat and rice in front of me. 

I never bothered hiding my offended face and scowled. "You aren't serious with that, right?" My lips twisted as I stared at the food. 

He only stared at me without uttering any word. I looked at him with disbelief and heaved a sigh as a sign of disbelief. 

"You really are getting into my nerves!" I yelled and picked the bowl of salad up, pushing away the bowls he offered. 

"I'll eat what I want." I hissed and started to eat my food. As soon as I finished eating my vegetables, I stood up and left the three of them but I stop mid-way to glance at Jester. 

"Let's continue the delayed lunch date tommorrow," I said and whirled around to continue walking, ignoring Uno's presence.

Uno Saldivar annoys the hell out of me. He's been acting really strange. It is my right my ass. When did he write his rights when it comes to me? I can eat with whoever I want! 

The next hours were spent inside the usual white boring room with a lot of chairs and students murmuring. I played with my ballpen as I waited for the bell to finally rang. 

Why is time passing by too fast when you want it to stop and when you're inside a boring class, a minute seems like an hour? 

I sighed. 

I almost shrieked and shake Van's shoulders when I heard the last bell but I gathered all my might to remain calm on my seat and check my face in front of my compact mirror and put some powder. I will not afford to lose my poise just because it's time to go home. 

Ah, home. More like a house with a cheater, a martyr, and a badass living inside it. I sighed as I remember that I once again need to see my father. 

I bid my goodbye to Vanessa and strutted the way to the door only to be welcomed by a pair of black orbs hiding behind a thick pair of glasses. I rolled my eyes and halted. 

"What is it this time?" I stumped my foot in irritation.

"Aren't you tired of chasing after me? Just tell me if you want to be my dog so I can buy you an expensive cage or a doghouse!" I hissed and started to walk as fast as I could. 

I can hear his fast steps behind me so I made my steps faster, almost half running with the hopes of him getting tired. 

"Farrah!" He pulled my arm to make me face him. I'm catching my breath as I shot him another deadly glare. 

"When will you fcking stop on chasing me?!" I screamed. I can feel my nose spitting out invisible smoke and my cheeks burn in rage. 

"Why are you so angry? Please calm down." He said and reached for my hands. His gentle eyes welcomed me and touched my elbows. 

"Don't touch me!" I tried to walk again until I reached my Sedan when he put both of his arms to lock me beside the door. 

"Why are you angry?" He said, clenching his jaw. 

I pushed his chest using my hands but he won't budge. I slapped his chest but he also held both of my hands and put it behind me, making it look like he's hugging me. 

"And why are you having a lunch date with that jock?" He licked his lips and tilted his head. His manly scent dominated my sense of smell. Mint, musk, and a man's perfume. 

I gritted my teeth and furrowed my brows to show him how angry I am.

"Let go of me! I'm gonna go home!" I screamed and tried to unclasp my hand. 

"And can you please stop asking bullshits! I don't have to explain everything! You don't even need to know what I'll do the next hours!" 

"I'm your boyfriend so I need to know!"

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