5. Playing with Fire

"We're here." Jake announced as he parked the car to a driveway.

"This is where you live." Gabby was shocked to see the house. "Our apartment can actually fit in there. How many rooms do you have?"

"You are so beautiful when you're surprised. Come on, let's go inside." They got inside and he smiled at Gabby. "Want a tour of the house?"

"Jake, I have seen bigger houses. I don't need a tour of the house." She held Jake's hands. "But I have a better idea on things that we should explore." She stated seductively.

"Well, let's get started then."

Jake pulled her and captured her lips. They were on fire. They kissed each other hungrily as their hands tried to explore each other's body. Jake carried her to his bedroom which was on the third floor of the mansion without their lips leaving each other's body. The moment they were inside the bedroom Jake ripped of Gabby's clothes and they were both naked in records time. It didn't take long before they both reach they climax as Jake buried himself inside Gabby.

"That was fast." Gabby stated while catching her breath.

"What are you talking about? We just got started." Jake stated as he playfully bite Gabby's neck.

"Jake." Gabby moaned as he continued to bite and suck his neck. "Don't put bite marks on my neck Cassie will she them."

"So?" He moved down to her breast and continued his assault.

"Oh please..." She pleaded when Jake put his finger inside her.

"You like this." He started to finger fuck Gabby in a faster rhythm.

"Yes..." Gabby arched her back as she was ready for another orgasm.

"Hold on, sweetheart..." Jake went down on her. "You taste good."

"Hey." She handed another condom to Jake.

"You are something Gabrielle Simons." He smirked as he sheaths himself.

"Well, the night is young and so am I. I might as well make the most out of it." She said seductively as she settled on top of Jake.

They say playing with fire will hurt you. Both of them knew this yet they choose to do it. They just crossed the line and there is no point in turning back. They can just move on for now either together or apart only time can tell.

Jake had been attracted to Gabby the first time he saw her and so was she. It has been a losing battle for Gabby avoiding him. He is a rude arrogant womanizer yet he has the charm and appeal which ends up in a dangerous combination. She knows how to handle him. She knows she can call the shot when they get to the point that they might get hurt. They both had no intention to develop any emotions for each other. They were merely responding to their sexual urges.

Both of them were very exhausted the whole night. Gabby slowly got out of bed around five in the morning while Jake was still sound as sleep. She put on her underwear and jeans and got one of Jake's shirts from his closet. She grabbed Jake's car keys once she put her heels on and tip toed out of his room. She needed to get out of the house fast. The moment she opened the door an alarm sounded and a tall man with a gun blocked her way. Who could have thought that for the first time Gabby would be caught sneaking out. No wonder some term it the walk of shame. Everyone in the house hurriedly run to the front door except for Jake who was still putting on his jeans.

"Oh shit." Gabby closed her eyes wishing that she could just disappear.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Ian, Jake's father asked full of authority.

"I'm sorry." Gabby looked at him seriously. "Your house?"

"Who are you? Do not make me repeat myself again, young lady." Ian repeated trying to control his temper.

"Dear calm down." Maggie, Jake's stepmom butt in. "You're scaring her."

"Who's she?" Jessica and Jenna, Jake's twin sister, ask at the same time.

"You girls head back to your rooms there is nothing to see here." Ian ordered.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?" Jake embraced Gabby the moment he got to her. "Can you not point your gun at her?" Jake dismissed the body guard.

"So she is your guest?" Maggie smiled at Jake.

"Are you out of your mind? I have warned you not to bring your whore in my house." Ian stated angrily.

"I'm sorry. I was just leaving." Gabby interrupted. "You and I are going to have a long chat about this..." She stated seriously and glared at Jake.

"Dad, you just called your future daughter-in-law a whore. Congratulations." Jake pointed out sarcastically. "As for you, your right we do need to talk. And that's right now." He lifted Gabby like a sack of potatoes and walked up the stairs as if she weighed nothing.

"Jake, put me down." She screamed as he continued to walk back to his room.

"What were you thinking?" He yelled at her as she tossed her to bed.

"What am I thinking? What were you thinking?" Gabby slapped Jake in the face. "You just told your father that I'm your fiancé."

"Relax." Jake embraced her. "I was just messing with him."

"Right?" Gabby rolled her eyes.

"Come on, what were you thinking sneaking out on me."

"Well, if your house doesn't have an alarm I might already be driving halfway back home. Who the fuck puts an alarm for people who are leaving the house?"

"Well my father is paranoid. What were you thinking trying to walk away from me?" He started kissing Gabby's ear down to her neck.

"Jake, your parents are out there."

"Oh believe me they were here the entire night you were calling out my name." He stated as he went down to the bed with Gabby.

"Jake." Gabby stated to warn him.

"Sweetheart, you just have to forget what's out there and let focus on what's in here."

He kissed Gabby and all was forgotten. Gabby doesn't stay after a one night stand she always walks out first. Jake always wakes up before his one night stand and make sure that they never see him the next day. Now here they are practically ripping each other out and having sex like their lives depend on it. They were too exhausted to get up once they were done so she fell asleep. Jake looked at Gabby sleeping soundly when a loud knock startled him and woke up Gabby.

"Jake, honey. You and your guest should come down. Your father expects you to join us for breakfast." Maggie called out.

"Hold on, Maggie." Jake put on his boxers and peeked through the door. "Well you know how much I hate disappointing father."

"Jason Luke, don't be ridiculous. Come on. I'll give you two, fifteen minutes to get ready and join us for breakfast."

"You know how breakfast with me and father at the same table always end up. Do you really expect me to let Gabby join us?" Jake stated seriously.

"Well you should have thought about that before bringing her here. Honey, don't make your father come up here to get you two. So please I expect you two down in the dining hall in fifteen minutes."

Jake had no choice but to do what is asked. Ian never appreciates anything that Jake does. The moment Jake sense that his father approved of his actions and takes pride of it he takes it away from him. That was the reason he quit the air force, he can't have his father taking pride of his achievement.

Maggie is his step mother and Jessica and Jenna are his step sisters. He loves them so much. However, Jake never forgave his father for the death of her mother. She committed suicide because his father was a lying cheating bastard. He never denied the allegations in fact he just moved on with his life as if nothing happened and married Maggie.

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