7. Missing you

"Best, where the hell have you been?" Cassie yelled at Gabby as she walked in the bar with Jake.

"Westchester." Gabby responded. "I knew I'll find you here. I saw Cole's car parked outside."

"You took her to your parents' house?" Cole glared at Jake.

"Uh huh." Jake said nodding at Cole.

"And it was a blast." Gabby stated laughing.

"Why are you two together?" Cassie looked at the two of them confused. "You two can't stand each other."

"We had sex and it was amazing. I also had a chance to meet his family and got into a fight with his dad. Do you have any other questions?" Gabby responded.

"You two are stupid. I warned you to stay away from him. I told you to not get involved with her." Cole yelled at them.

"Cole, come on bro I asked you a thousand times if you like her and you told me you don't like her. I told you also a thousand times that if you don't sleep with her I would." Jake reasoned out with Cole.

"You two boys behave and stop fighting. Thank you for the amazing time. I hope this put me out of your system. I have to go. I need to sleep."

"You have got to be kidding me." Cassie stated as they walk back to their apartment together. "I thought you told me that you would never get involved with our Mr. Arrogant."

"Emotionally involved never but sexually I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"Oh my gosh, best. That's just crazy, one way or another one of you would develop feelings for each other and you two would end up hurting each other."

"You better stop watching romcom movies so much. They are getting in your heads. This is neither No Strings Attached nor Friends with Benefits." Gabby stated laughing.

"Oh my gosh, best. You enjoy watching those shitty movies with me." Cassie joined her laughing.

"But I'm serious, Jake and me are never going to be involved in anyway emotionally. That road is a dead end. I don't do relationship and so is he."

"Whatever, he is a pervert. He sleeps around. How could you sleep with him?"

"As I mentioned, he was something in bed. The sex was amazing. Ladies sleep with him because he is God's gift to the female species. And I mean it."

"Oh shut up." Cassie giggled. "I don't want to talk about it. Just please be careful." Cassie stated worriedly.

Jake knew that Cole had a huge crush on Gabby but he was certain the Cole wasn't going to do anything about it that's why he pursued her. Cole left the bar pissed off with Jake. He wasn't really happy to find out that the two slept together. Jake knows that he'll come around so he just let him go. He went to his office and started packing his stuff. He was going to miss staying at this place. He needed to go back to work with the agency again. His suspension was officially over. It has been two weeks since that day and neither Cole nor Jake showed up in the bar.

"I guess the rich boys finally realized that they are wasting their time on this place." Gabby stated.

"I don't think so. They can just be busy."

"Yeah, busy fucking some hot chicks." Gabby responded. "I miss Cole. He's a really sweet guy."

"Well, he does like you, you know." Cassie stated as they are walking back to their apartment. "I don't get you though. You chose Mr. Smartass over Cole."

"Mr. Pervert? Are you for rea? I had sex with him. I didn't choose him or anything like that. Cole is my friend. He is really very nice to us. But come on, he is just not my type. If I can offer you a piece of advice best, you two are way better together than your idiot boyfriend."

"They are brothers!" Cassie glared at her in this belief.

"They're not related. They are step brothers. I mean you two seem like a good pair Cole and Cassie, Mister Philanthropist and Miss Goody good shoe."

"No. I love Jonathan and Cole is like my brother."

"Fine, forget it then. I just hope that Cole's not mad at me or anything. He is really a nice guy. I mean his rich but he doesn't gloat. I missed him."

"Really, you miss me?" Cole came out from the staircase after listening to the girl's conversation.

"You've been eavesdropping, haven't you?" Gabby smiled at him.

"I just got back from my trip and got you girls some chocolates." He said showing them the bags that he was carrying.

"Oh, that's so sweet." Cassie hugged him. "Miss you brother."

"Want to come in?" Gabby opened the door. "Come in."

"Of course, I do want to come in. And no Gabby I am not mad at you. I was just a bit pissed that you slept with Jake but no hard feelings. As they say bro first before ladies. Me and Jake are cool."

"Good to know. I don't want to be the reason of any conflict between the two of you. I don’t want to ruin whatever crazy friendship you guys have."

"Never. Don't be ridiculous. But seriously Gabby be careful. Jake is my best friend but he is an asshole." Cole stated seriously.

"Whatever happened between me and him is history. Come on. After that day he haven't showed up in the once bar. He just wanted a one night entertainment and it's all settled now. We are now both moving on." Gabby explained.

"Just don't fall in love with him." Cole stated.

"What? Oh my goodness Cole. Do I look dumb to you? I would never fall for that lunatic asshole. He’s just good for a one time entertainment."

After Cole visited the girls he went to see Jake. Apparently, Jake was out of town for the past weeks and hasn't arrived yet. Nicholai was also on a business trip so Cole was alone in the city. The next day Jake showed up at the bar around mid-night and went directly to Gabby.

"Hi, sweetheart, can I have a scotch on the rocks on the double."

"Yes sir coming right up." Gabby responded coldly.

"I missed you. How are you?"

"Same as usual nothing changed. Here’s your drink." She put the glass on the bar. "Excuse me."

"Thank you." He finished her drink and blocked Gabby from leaving the bar. "Are you mad at me? Why are you walking out on me?"

"Oh gosh. The universe doesn't revolve on you. I needed to pee so please, excuse me." Gabby walked pass him and went to the bathroom.

"Hey, you okay?" Jake asked once Gabby was back at the bar.

"Yeah, I just ate something that upset my stomach I guess. What's up with you?" She asked casually.

"I missed you." He replied sincerely.

"Really, Cole had the same sentiment yesterday. The only difference is I missed him but I didn't miss you at all." Gabby responded.

"Sweetheart, don't do this to me. I was busy so I wasn't able to see you for the past weeks." He stated sadly.

"What are you talking about? I don't care where you've been or what you've been up to." Gabby smiled at him and started serving the customers with their drinks.

"Arnold, watch the bar. I need a word with Ms. Simons." Jake ordered the other bartender. “Gabby let’s talk.”

"For crying out loud, we got a full house. Can you please not mess up with me now? I'm busy." Gabby stated while continuing to serve the customers.

"Do I need to close down this fucking place to have a word with you?" Jake stated seriously.

"Well, you're the owner do whatever you like." Gabby stated and smiled at Jake.

"You’re right." He pulled out his gun and some customers moved away from him.

"Oh you are an idiot." Gabby grabbed his arm. "Can you not do that? You might accidentally kill someone."

"I just need to talk to someone, please."

Jake was losing it. He was out of control. Gabby tried her best to be in control. She wouldn't want him to do anything stupid. It was Jake's mother death anniversary and he needed someone to talk with, someone that could distract him from all the craziness running in his head. And Gabby was the only person that was good at keeping her distracted from the world. He wasn't like any girl that he has been with. And her view of life is so different from his friends. She is unique.

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