9. The Bet

Jake and Cole arrived at the bar that same day together around five in the afternoon. They already sorted things out and everything was alright between them. Jake doesn’t keep secrets from Cole they were like brothers. Nicholai was still out on a business trip so it was just the two of them talking about the issue at hand.

"Jake, seriously bro she's just not into you. I mean she sneaked out on you." Cole sated laughing at Jake’s predicament. 

"She left a fucking note. I don't get it. Who does that?" Jake stated totally pissed.

"Are you attracted to her? Don't tell me that Jason Luke Anderson is in love." Cole stated teasing Jake.

"No, I'm pissed." He stated angrily.

"I think you just found your match. You can't handle her. So just do yourself a favor and stay away from her. You already slept with her get over it."

"No one calls me off. Nobody walks away from me. I call the shots."

"Jake, I care for Gabby. She's my friend. Please, let it go. She is a loose cannon. She does things her way. You shouldn't mess with her." Cole stated seriously.

"Bro, I already did. I know she's special to you. Just let me get even and then I'll stay away from her." Jake stated determined to take revenge.

"I won't let you hurt her." Cole stated.

"Fine, one month and I am done. I'll stay away from her."

"What the hell are you planning to do? Make her fall in love with you and dump her like a hot potato? That's just childish."

"I was still thinking of what to do but thanks for the advice."

"She won't fall for it. She's a hard core. A month and all you would get into is her pants not her heart. Gabby would never fall in love with someone like you. I bet you don't even got a chance with her."

"I bet you a $10000.00 that she would." Jake stated.

"Call, if you lose you will stay away from her for good."

"Okay. Just don't tell her about this. Watch and learn Cole. This is going to be a child's play." Jake stated confidently.

Jake and Cole waited for Gabby to arrive. The bar opens at eight in the evening but she usually arrives an hour earlier to make sure that the bar was full. She wanted to make sure that everything is in order. Gabby is a very organized person. She doesn’t like anything to be out of place.

"You owe me?" Jake blocked Gabby's way.

"Oh come on. I borrowed twenty bucks. Can't you wait till I get my pay check?"

"Not that. I don't care about the money. You owe me an explanation. Why did you sneak out?" Jake asked.

"Seriously? I don't owe you an explanation. That's just the way I am. Live with it." Gabby replied not caring about anything.

"I have something to tell you. Give me five minutes and we can forget the twenty bucks."

"Fine what is it?" She asked Jake as he assisted her to his office where Cole was waiting. "Hi, Cole." She greeted him.

"Hey. Do you two need some privacy? I can go downstairs for a moment."

"No, I just want to tell Gabby that you made a bet with me that I can't make her fall in love in a month." Jake replied cockily.

"How much?" Gabby asked and glared at Cole.

"I was just making a point and this asshole that I call my best friend is using it to make you mad at me." Cole responded.

"I asked how much. I'm not mad at you Cole." Gabby stated laughing.

"Ten thousand." Jake responded. "So what do you think? Do I have a chance?"

"No. So if I were you I'd back out as early as now because you won't win."

"I can't back down from it. The deal is already official. I'll just pay up I guess." Jake stated and handed Cole a voucher.

"Anything else? You still got two minutes left." Gabby stated.

"Oh really? We shouldn't be really wasting time then." He kissed Gabby and let her go after two minutes. "Thanks for your time, sweetheart. I'll see you later."

"Whatever just get lost? You two are asshole." Gabby stated and went back to the bar.

"You are a moron. I don't need your money and I mean it when I said stay away from her." Cole stated.

"Keep it. You won the bet. But I'm only leaving if she asks me to leave."

It was difficult for Gabby to stay away from Jake. He was like a magnet pulling her to be close to him. Warnings were all over the place. Cassie and Cole did everything that they can to discourage whatever relationship was building between the two of them. Those were all in vain since Jake and Gabby were two people who do as they please.

For the next five weeks they were constantly seeing each other. They don't really know what kind of arrangement they have. They just hook up at least three or four times in a week. They were crazy about each other. They have sex every time and anytime they can. They were wild and no one can stop them.

"Best, tell me the truth, are you in love with Mr. Arrogant?"

"No. We are just hooking up. Grow up, Cassie. We are on the 21st century. You don't need to be in love to have sex. You just need to open up your legs." Gabby stated giggling.

"I don't get you. He sleeps around and yet you still go with him."

"I can also sleep around with any one I want. We don't have a relationship."

"I can't believe your settling for that. How low can you get? Where is your self-respect I mean no offense but you're letting him treat you like trash."

"Wow and you meant no offense with what you just said. Listen, you're really cute sometimes and sweet Cassie but I wouldn't push it. I would throw you out of this apartment if you ever cross the line again. Do not lecture me about how I should live my life. At least I do things my way and I can stand up to the consequences of my actions. Unlike you, you're a coward that makes your world revolve around your stupid boyfriend who has been cheating on you. Wake up; he is with that model that was being linked to him." Gabby stated annoyed at Cassie.

"No, he is not. If you don't want me to be concerned with you fine. But don't involve Jonathan in our argument. He has nothing to do with this."

"I rest my case. You're pathetic. I have to go. Don't wait up on me. I'm staying over at Jake's place." Gabby stated dismissively.

"Why don't you just move to his apartment? You seemed to be enjoying each other's company a lot." Cassie stated.

"Why don't you moved in with your freak boyfriend. You don't ask me to move out Cassandra. I pay this apartment. You are living in this place because of my money. If I would throw you out you wouldn't have a place to go. Your jerk boyfriend would definitely not let you stay with him. So shut up!"

"I'm sorry." Cassie replied sadly and started to cry.

"Oh fuck. I'm sorry." She said and hugged Cassie. "I didn't mean what I said. I guess you right. I am selling myself short with Jake. I'll end it up with him tonight. I'll stop seeing him."

"You don't have to. I just want you to be careful and not get hurt. You know how much I care for you. You're the only person that helps me out. You're my family and family watch each other's back, best."

"I know. I'm sorry. You are right though. It's been fun playing around with Jake but it's over. I promise. You are right he is totally asshole and I need to grow up and not be some toy he plays with. I can handle him but if it means that I'd lose you. I'd rather have him screw himself. I'll break it up with him. Whatever is this that we have?"

"Are you sure because you seemed to like him a lot? I bet you two would end up together if you don't end this anytime soon." Cassie stated sweetly.

"I like him. I do. There's no point denying that. But I don't care for him as much as I care for you. Just don't wait up on me tonight I might as well enjoy the night with him before this thing end."

Gabby had already been trying to convince herself to end whatever he and Jake had and after her argument with Cassie her mind was already made up. She would stop seeing Jake. And she already had the perfect idea to drive him away. She wasn't really interested in continuing anything with Jake. It was already getting boring. They have great sex and then they go separate ways. It wasn't as exciting and as interesting when they first hook up, when people were trying to stop them.

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