2. Hot n cold

"One of these days, Mr. Arrogant would meet his match and he wouldn't be such an asshole." Gabby stated while wiping the counter.

"I don't get it. You weren't pissed off with those punks and yet when Jake tried to stop the situation your mad." Cole stated.

"Well, those punks just don't have anything to do with their lives. I was just giving them some entertainment." Gabby said laughing.

"Oh shit." Cole yelled when the alarm on his car went on. "What the fuck?" Both he and Gabby went out to see the punks knocked out on the ground and one smashed against Cole's windshield.

"Call the cops." Jake ordered.

"It's your mess. Why would I do that?" Gabby replied and glared at him.

"Because I'm your boss and you are the reason that this shit happened." Jake responded angrily.

"We left you for a few minutes and you beat the shit out of those punks. Jake, bro. You have some anger issues. What the hell I just bought my car last week." Cole complained while looking at his car.

"Sorry. He came running towards me and I accidentally pushed him through your windshield." Jake stated.

"You are so going to jail." Gabby stated. "You beat the shit out of them. I'm calling 911 and ask for an ambulance."

After 30 minutes, everything was fixed. The punks were taken to the hospital and Jake sent his lawyer to deal with the hospital bills to ensure that the boys won’t file a case against him. They also ensure that nothing would come out to the public. This kind of issue would be a blast if the media got hold of the incident. Bad boy Bachelor strikes again.

"You are so full of yourself and you should learn to pick on your own size." Gabby stated.

"Remind me again why she works here?" Jake stated glaring at Gabby.

"She's the best bartender we got." Cole stated.

"No. Because Cassie is the best waitress that we have and so we have to make sure that she don't get upset. And she would definitely be upset if we fire her best friend. You’re one lucky girl." Jake stated while looking at Gabby from head to foot.

"You know what you are starting to get into my nerves, Mr. Perfect. I wouldn't push it." Gabby stated.

"Woah, wait are you threatening me?" Jake moved towards Gabby.

"Are you threatened?" Gabby moved closer to Jake and their lips were only inches apart. "You should be."

"Stop it you two." Cole pulled Jake away from her. "Now, Gabby stop being irrational and please remember that most of the clubs no longer want to hire you because of your attitude. We hired you here as a favor for Cassie."

"I know. Fine, I'll quit." Gabby stated. "You don't have to tell me that I'm a worthless charity case here. I'm done." She yelled frustratedly.

"Gabby, darling. Please calm down." Cole held her hands and smiled.

"I don't need you people to pity me." She stated pretending to cry.

"Oh don't start me up with your fake water works. You are making me lose my sanity." Jake stated angrily.

"You are insane. I always wonder why Cole is your friend." Gabby stated. "I quit. I'm not working here anymore. I had it."

"You wouldn't have a place to go. No one in their right minds would hire you." Jake stated. "You are stuck here."

"I'll go someplace else. I'll leave New York."

"And what leave Cassie on her own?" Cole stated.

"Well, she is going to get hitched one of these days. I mean Jonathan would eventually propose and I'll be out of here."

"Then until she does. I have no choice but to let you work here. You need to save up if you wish to start a new life."

"I am saving up." Gabby replied.

"Good to know." Cole stated.

"Fine since you guys is insisting that I still work here. I'll stay."

"Okay. Cool." Cole stated. "I got to go."

"In my office, now." Jake ordered once Cole was gone. "What do you mean you're leaving?"

"Well, I have to leave this place soon. I mean people talks shit about me everywhere I go. I have to expand my horizon. Besides, haven't you heard I've already slept with the entire neighborhood?" Gabby sat on the swivel chair and started spinning.

"You haven't slept with me." Jake stated serious while stopping the chair from moving.

"You're not from this neighborhood and it really bothers me that you of all people choose to manage this bar. I mean, don't you have to manage your security firm or something."

"I do. I just need to lay low for a few months. And besides I am enjoying the view here." He ran his fingers on Gabby's cheeks.

"You're stupid. If I had a choice I wouldn't waste my time in this kind of neighborhood." Gabby stood up and looked out the window. "I'd rather be in a different part of the planet."

"Then tell me, what's stopping you?" He embraced Gabby and smiled at their reflection.

"I would appreciate it if you don't touch me." She turned around and looked at Jake in the eyes. "I don't like your filthy hands touching me."

"Sweetheart, girls beg to be touched by these hands." He placed his hands on Gabby's sides trapping her. "Come on; don't tell me you don't like me."

"I don't like you." Gabby stated in total disbelief. "Out of all the man in the world you are the last one that I would fall for.

"Keep saying that. I know you want me." He moved his face closer to Gabby until their lips were almost touching. "I can almost taste you."

"Well almost would be the only thing that would come between the two of us." She pushed Jake and started to walk out. "Go find someone else that you can easily fool with your charms. Stay away from me."

"Do you think this would work on Cassandra?" He winked on Gabby when she glared at him.

"Do not even think of getting close to her. I would kill you if you go anywhere near her." Gabby yelled angrily and slapped his face.

"Jealous?" He said smirking. "I don't like girls like her. I prefer you."

He then captured Gabby's lips and wrapped his hand around her waist. For the past months that they have been teasing each other this was the first time that Jake finally let go of his self-control. He kissed her slowly tasting every inch of her lips. Gabby tried her best not to respond and remained rigid. There was no way that he would let Jake know that she was enjoying this.

"Stop playing with me sweetheart." Jake whispered to her as he lifted her up to sit on his desk. "I know you like this."

"Are you done? I need to be downstairs." Gabby responded coldly as Jake caress her inner thighs and run kisses on her neck.

"Go." Jake moved away from her and looked at her in disbelief.

"Thanks." Gabby walked towards the door. "By the way, you could have pushed on; we could have been clawing each other for the rest of the day."

Gabby hurriedly run down the bar and went to the bathroom. No wonder woman likes him. He sure knows how to kiss. It took all of Gabby's self-control not to give in to him. A few more minutes trapped in the room with Jake would have been one disaster.

She would have had sex with him. And it was never a good thing to mix business with pleasure. It would complicate things if she started sleeping with her boss. She might end up in the next gossip columns as Jake's flavour of the week. There's just no way she would let that happen.

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