Chapter 20

Saoirse didn’t understand why she felt so upset by what he said. She may have been naive about a lot of things, but she wasn’t stupid. Of course, Alex was sleeping with other women. He never tried to hide the fact. Then why does it hurt so much when he openly admitted it?

It didn’t matter anyway. Alex only brought her here to use her. Pretty soon, he will be done with her and toss her away. It was just a matter of time.

“We don’t really care about Alex, do we?” she stroked Taco’s head and said. “He doesn’t like us anyway.”

But she didn’t believe that herself. She looked forward to seeing him every day like a stupid little girl. She loved it when he held her in his arms. Having sex with him was the only connection she had with him, so what’s going to happen to her once it was gone?

“Saoirse, can I come in?”

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