December's Symphony 2 - Teaser

Ayden is sitting opposite me, waiting for my next move. He does not yet know that most of the work of a Pakhan is done without the use of his fists. This is the reason we have enforcers. The negotiations my father has done throughout the years and what I have achieved after he died, were all done through our enforcers or via meetings with leaders.

This is why I’m currently staring at Francesco’s number.

I press dial, willing my anger to come to the forefront, and Francesco answers on the fourth ring.

“Bratva Bishop! To what do I owe this surprising call?” He answers in a mock surprised tone, causing me to grate my teeth.

“What happened to the Bratva and Cartel keeping out of the other’s way, Francesco? I thought we had a, how did you call it, unwritten rule?” I reply, echoing his sentiment from years ago. Before Sergei’s brother’s deed, we had kept out of the other’s way.

I hear him chuckl

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