December's Symphony 2 Teaser

It was as if everything was moving in slow motion as I entered the kitchen.

Amaranthe turned too quickly and bumped her abdomen on the side of the breakfast nook, then she faltered backwards and started to fall. I ran to catch her, but I was too late… She hit her head on the opposite counter before I could reach her.

And she hit it hard.

“Alexei!” I scream for her bodyguard, who was nowhere in sight. I told him to be with her at all times, she was too weak to do things on her own now. Amaranthe was always giving him the slip, adamant she could do things on her own.

Always trying to hide her weakness away from me, but she didn’t know that I could see right through her.

I cradle her in my arms, cradling the back of her head… then I smell it - blood.

“ALEXEI! LEV!” I cry out loudly again, feeling completely unhinged now. She knocked her head so hard that she was bleeding, who knows the damage she has

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