CHAPTER X: Surprise on my First Day of Job

You know that moment when you feel like you have done something to a person and you just sit there as that person is lecturing you about what you did like you just committed a crime?

That is how I feel right now as I stared at my older sister Illyria giving me a long speech on why I did not inform her about my sudden decision and how disappointed and hurt she is.

You may be wondering why is my sister here instead of being busy doing her model career. Well, my dear sister called our parents to catch up on what was happening since the moment she moved out of our house and live across the country, there she find out that I am not living with our parents anymore and is now living on my own.

After hearing that from my parents, she immediately flew from California to Manhattan and the moment I came back from the mall, my sister is already in my house sitting comfortably at the living room couch.

I have to talk to my parents on how I should be the one to tell the people I know about my whereabouts.

I stifle a yawn and pretend to listen to her speech but in reality, I want to grab my phone that is seated at the table in front of me. However, I cannot do that, it would look disrespectful to my older sister.

Our parents raised us with respect. And that includes no phone when an older person is talking in front of you, especially if that person is scolding you of what you did wrong.

"Did I not tell you that whatever that comes from your mind, you have to tell me first? Am I not that important to you? I thought that we are soul....,Wait did you just stifle a yawn at me?" Illyria said cutting off her own words as she turn to look at me.

If looks could kill, I would be already buried twenty feet from the ground.

I took a deep breathe and start to feel more uncomfortable. Her gazing eyes bore into mine as her face turned into red as tomato, eyebrows furrowed into a scowl and both hands are placed on her hips.


"No., okay fine. Yes I did." I was about to deny it but then just by the look of her told me 'you better not deny or else'.

She sighed and plopped down to sit beside me.

"You know I love you and I do not want anything bad to happen to you right?"

The moment she said that, my guilt is consuming me as I did not tell her about the incident that took over last night.

I just smiled at her and held her hand, "Yes, I know that sis but you have to believe me and my decision. I am getting tired of all of you treating me like I am a ten year old kid who still need to be babysitting."

Her expression changed as I said that. Her face brighten and now a smile is being placed on her face as she look at me.

"Of course. I just cannot help it, you are still my babysis even if you are already twenty years old." She said, eyes brimming with tears.

I smiled, "Anyways, how are you? Are you not tired? Oh! You just came from the plane, of course you are tired. How about eating first before you rest? I will cook us something."

"I am glad the old Audrey is still alive" She stated as she burst into laughter because of my blabbering self.

"Hey! What do you mean still alive!? The old Audrey never died! I am still me after all!" I exclaimed as I narrowed my eyes at her.

"If you say so" Still laughing she stood up and goes to hug me then ruffled my hair which she earned a glare from me.

She knows I hate it when someone ruffle my hair, yet she does it everytime.



Waking up with a throbbing head and dark circles visually formed under my eye as I am seated down in front of my mirror.

In anticipation of my first day of job, I could not sleep well last night and I am afraid that those monsters will take over my nightmares again . After our dinner last night, my sister decided to call it a night because she is too tired to have a girl's night saying that there is another time for that, leaving me alone at seven in the evening pondering on what to do since I cannot sleep.

And now here I am, in front of my mirror trying my best to cover the bags under my eye with a concealer.

"You are going to nail it, Audrey. Do not waste the opportunity that was given to you." I told myself as I am done making myself presentable, the dark circles already gone.

I walk to my closet to change into the office attire that I bought yesterday.

The masterpiece is totally gorgeous! It made me look like I am an experienced secretary.

"Okay, perfect! Now, all you need to do is not leave a bad impression on your first day.I muttered under my breath as I now stood in front of my body length mirror.

I paired my suit with my pumps that matched the color of the blouse that is tucked inside the blazer suit.

With one last look, I walked out of my bedroom door.

There is only one thing left to do....

Standing in front of the CazoS Enterprise, I took a deep breath and walk inside the building.

I was immediately greeted by Zoe, the receptionist.

"Ms. Mcfeller! Its so nice to see you again." She beamed and shook my hand.

Of course, you have to be formal.

I thought to myself as I smiled at her. "Hello, its nice to see you again, Ms. Monroe."

"Ahhh, Mr. Schulz will be here in a hour so you still have time to familiarize the building you are now working at. I have already informed Ms. Schulz about your arrival and she is now waiting for you in the office. Her office is the same floor as Mr. Schulz so you do not have any problem in getting lost"  She explained.

"Thank you."

I turn my heels and stride towards the elevator but before I could reach there someone bump onto me.

Way to go, Audrey. So much for not going to leave a bad impression.

"I am so sorry" I exclaimed.

"No, its okay. I am the one whose at fault." The man that bumped onto me said.

His voice. I think I have heard of it before but I could not figure out where and when.

"Are you okay?" the man asked, breaking me out of my own thoughts.

"Yes" I answered but the looks he is giving me is weird.

"Are you sure?" He asked again doubting my answer. What does he mean? We just bumped onto each other. No scratches, no injury, yet by the tone of his voice, it looks like something bad had happened. In fact, his face looks like he is worried.

Worried of what?

"Positive" I assured him and offered a smile before excusing myself as I have someone waiting for me.

I make my way towards the elevator and press the top button once I get in. This building is very spacious, it is a 351 meters tall with 68th floor.

All the things in this building is made of an expensive structures. No wonder that CazoS Enterprise is the biggest company building in the world.

As the elevator ding indicating that I have reached my destination, I made my way towards Ms. Schulz's office.

I never peg Mr. Schulz as a married man. He look so young to be married and his aura never give you a thought that he is taken.

Again, who am I to judge right? I am just a mere employee that just started her career as a secretary.

And there is a saying that says, "never judge a book by its cover."

I sigh as I am now standing in front of Ms. Schulz's office door. I straighten my posture and smoothen my clothes as I knock on the door not before taking a deep breathe.

"Come in" I heard a voice in the other side of the room said.

I count one to ten to calm my self before I twist the door knob and walk in.

"Goodmorning Ms. Schulz, I am the new hired secretary of Mr. Schulz." I said but instead of getting a reply, I heard someone gasped.

I took my gaze from my shoes to see where the gasped came from.

The moment I locked eyes with the person sitting in front of me, I too, gasped, surprised to see the woman who I met two days ago is in the same room as me.


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