Sebastian’s POV

As much as this young lady sitting with me in this car, on our way to the ball, is smiling and trying to deny things, I know something has happened and I can’t wait to find out what has happened between us. 

After grandpa called me and he told me that he already arranged for me to go with one of the Augustus girls to Lucas welcome back ball, I went home to change my suit to a better one. I got into the car to pick her up at their apartment and before minutes, I slept off. The last thing I remembered was having a bad dream; I had dreamt of them.

He was hitting her again just like every other memory I had about them and this time, it was the day I was reading a book while she was cooking. Immediately my sub consciousness realized it was a memory and not a dream, I tried waking up but I couldn’t. 

It was like every other time, it started as sleep paralysis, then, I couldn’t move my hand or my body. I was struggling to get up, but my body wasn’t responding. Finally it worked, I opened my eyes. 

After opening my eyes, I realized the girl was already in the car with several minutes gone, I did what I thought was right, I apologized to her and she smiled claiming it was normal that I slept off. I knew something was off and the marks on her neck is giving me serious concern. I hope I haven’t hurt her, I hope I didn’t do anything to this tiny and beautiful woman. Else, I won’t be able to forgive myself.

The door of the car suddenly opened. “We’re finally here, sir and beautiful lady” The chauffeur announced and helped the girl out of the car. 

We stood side by side on our way into the house. “Which one are you? Aurora or Pearl?” I asked so as not to embarrass myself there. I knew she was the shy one but I needed to confirm it. 

“Aurora” she replied. I could barely hear what she said but I figured out already that she was the shy one. 

We walked hand in hand into the house. I saw most of my business associates and people who wanted to meet the only son of the business mogul, Lucas Anderson Snr for their own personal reasons known to them. The family is known for their old money, Lucas’s great grandfather had moved from Louisiana to start a family business and till today it’s still the largest sugar producing company in ten different states. 

Meanwhile, a particular duo, Derek and Henry were waiting in a corner for their friend. 

I soon joined them at their spot, holding a glass of wine just like they did and got Aurora one. 

She had said thanks softly. 

“Who’s the beautiful young lady?” Derek was the first one to ask.

“She’s off limit Derek. She’s my to-be betrothed twin sister” I explained and tried to warn him off her. 

“She’s not off limits Sebastian. She’s pretty and I guess she has a mouth to tell us about her own preference. I’m Derek by the way and this is Henry” He introduces himself and also pointed to Henry when he mentioned his name.

“I’m Aurora” She simply said and locked up after that, not looking at Derek. Derek wanted to ask further but I gave him a signal and he nodded. He probably figured out she’s not the type of girl he walks with; outspoken and jovial. 

“Have you guys seen Lucas yet?” I asked looking around for him. 

“Nope, Nothing. I tried reaching out to him yesterday but his assistant told me he’s too busy to make a phone call. Wait! Before you both say anything, I want you to know that I also introduced myself before asking for an audience with the all and mighty Lucas Anderson Jnr.” Henry explained. I actually thought about how it might be difficult to reach out to him since it’s been so long we saw him. 

“The guy came back last week and he already has an assistant”Derek complained and Henry hit him playfully. 

“If it was you, you’ll be swimming in assistants already” I replied to him. Before Lucas left several years back, he and Derek had a fight and no matter how much Henry and I tried to get to the bottom of the matter, it yielded nothing. 

“There he is, the man of the night” We all turned our attention to where Henry was looking and saw Lucas walking in with a lady holding his arm, he looked lost but….. 


I looked back at the lady, looked at the one standing beside me and before I could say a word.

“What? Pearl?” Aurora spoke out. 


Aurora’s POV 

I turned my attention to where Henry was looking at so intensely, only to realize it was my sister who was locking hands with a guy that I never have seen for once in my entire life. I thought she told my father she was stuck in traffic, how come she’s here at this particular time?. 

I ignored Sebastian’s look and walked closer to them. The guy looked at me but the look on his face made me realize he was only looking at me, he didn’t even know if I was there or not. He looked so lost. 

“Hi, I’m Aurora. Her twin sister” I said gritting my teeth tightly. 

“I can see that” He simply replied and I felt so embarrassed. My sister has an apologetic look on her face. 

“Can I talk to her for a moment?” My sister asked and he released her hand gently before moving closer to her and whispering in her ear. My sister became pale and that just made me so suspicious of this man. 

“What’s going on?” I asked her immediately we were out of the man’s hearing limit.

“Nothing in particular, sis” She was not even looking at me. 

“Something is definitely wrong and I can tell it that he threatened you the other time. What did he say? What happened? How come you’re here with him when you told dad that you were stuck in traffic?” She opened her mouth to say something but closed it back

“Stop freaking out, okay?.Nothing happened, so just forget it. I don’t care about what you think he said but he didn’t threaten me” 

“Whatever you say, Pearl. Just be careful with him. He looks like bad news” I said

“Speaking about bad news, how is it going with Sebastian?” Before I could reply, she turned my chin up “What happened to your neck? Are those love bites? Wait a minute, did something try to hurt you?” She suddenly asked. 

“Nothing happened” I replied using the same tone that she did and moved away from her.

I looked away from her and my eyes landed on Sebastian talking with his other friends; Henry and Derek. 

I watch as Lucas walks over to them and they greet each other casually. 

Derek was almost snorting at Lucas and he had this evil glare. Sebastian placed his hand on his shoulder as if he was trying to pacify him. 

All of a sudden, Derek removed Sebastian’s hand from his shoulder, folded his fist tightly. 

“What’s going on over there?” My sister suddenly asked. I didn’t know she was also looking at them. 

“I don’t know but I hope Derek doesn’t do anything stupid” 

“Which one is Derek?” She asked and I was about to reply when we heard a crack, followed by a fall. 

Derek was already on top of Lucas, punching him mercilessly while Sebastian tried pulling him off Lucas. 

Once the security was able to stop him, his hands were already bloody and Lucas was smiling and gradually it turned to laughter. He was laughing like a maniac. 

“You said Sebastian was a psychopath, right? Well, I think Lucas is a real mad man” 


Hey beautiful people, who’s ready for Lucas’s story? The CEO’s Redemption

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