The best birthday ever

❣On Billie and Adrians Birthday❣

Today Adrian decided to take Billie and Ashley to Santa catalina..

It's a perfect destination for weekend trip in California..visitors can access the area via one of three sports and a short ferry ride, and then they'll be basking in greath warm weather with losts of activities to take part in.

They went by an Elicopter..Ashley was so exhited while Billie was calm..but happy.

Adrian was the pilot while Billie sat by him and Ashley was behind

Billie was surprise the whole time when she knew Adrian could pilot an elipcopter

She just kept looking at him during their journey amazed..but when he finally turned his gaze to her, he gave her a sweet smile and very charming that Billie bit her lip unconciousely trying not to smile back.

He chuckled seeing her expression..

"What is bird?" He asked her and she looked away not responding

"What's her problem this time?" Ashley asked Adrian and he shook his head not knowing what's wrong with her

Ashley just took a good look at Billie from the mirror ahead and chuckled

"I know that look..she just like being naughty whenever she's around you. Like trying to get some attention." Ashley said and Adrian raised his brows

While Billie looked at Ashley from the back through the front mirror and gave her a dangerous glare

"Is that true baby bird?" Adrian asked still looking ahead

And Billie turned her gaze to him and back to the window..looking at the beautiful view of their destination..since they were already there.

She still didn't respond and Adrian narrowed his eyes at her.

"Okayy.." he said looking back ahead

When they arrived, Adrian and Ashley unbutton their sit belt..

But Billie couldn't.. she tried hard but was unable. Adrian went down pretending as if he didn't see her struggling

While Ashley wasn't even aware. She just went down excited.

When everyone had went down..Billie said

"Adrian.." in a very low and soft tone

Adrian pretended he didn't hear..

"Adrian..." she called again and turned looking around where that soft sound is coming from like he didn't know she was stock

"I'm right here..stop acting like I'm invisible" Billie said

Adrian met her gaze furrowed his brows moving to her side..when he arrived, he stood beside her and said mockingly

"I thought you were unable to speak!?" 

"Yeah..but now I've regained my voice" She said in greeted teeth

He narrowed his eyes 

"So..why did you call me?" He asked 

"Stop behaving blind..i know you intentionally stocked me here just so i can talk to you." Billie said furiously

"Calm shouldn't be mad on your birthday. I didn't notice you were stuck because you kept quite the whole how is it my fault" Adrian said innocently

She just kept giving him a furious look 

"What!?" he asked

"Quit playing with me Adrian!" She said

"I'm not sure you want to leave this place.." Adrian said going away when she said

"Adrian..please" She said with a soft voice and Adrian stopped and turned around 

"I didn't get that well..what did you say?" He asked

"Please... Adrian" she said and he moved very close to her and asked

"Please what?" she sigh 

"Please..remove my sit belt" she said and he just stared at her..

it made her weak and her breath increased

He passed his hand over her and unbukkled her sit belt still keeping his gaze on her.

When removing the belt from her..he made sure his hand touched her bud.

Fuck!! She's always braless when Adrian does things like this

Immediatly her bud aroused and it was visible through her cloth. She gulped while Adrian smirked

"I would have taken care of that're lucky Ashley is here. I don't want to embarase you before her" Adrian said

"Don't you ever do that again" Adrian warned and she just slowly nodded

"Good girl.." He said again and carried her in a bridal style out of the elicopter.

He made her to stand and extended his hand for her to hold and she did as they went and met Ashley.

They spent their day well..Billie was no more naughty as Adrian made sure he handled her just the way she deserved to be handled

He knows her so well..he knows how to make her sad, make her cry, make her very happy and make her obedient

They bought things, took pictures, played games and took part in almost every activity

They were walking by the beach as the sun was about to set and some people came with a horse having a sit at its back made for couples

Just by the way Adrian and Billie were walking together, holding hands, those people thought they were couples..

So, they invited them to take part in their ride. Billie wanted to refuse but Adrian tighten his grip on her and accepted the proposal as he paid them.

They invited Ashley..but she insisted she'll climp later on..

Adrian helped Billie climped the back sit and the horse started moving.

All the time, Billie kept looking at Adrian. When Adrian met her gaze she shrugged while Adrian smiled and she did same more brighter.

He placed his hand over her and brought her closer to him and she held his shirt for support.

After a moment of silence..Billie asked

"Where did you learn how to pilot?" 

Adrian looked down at her

"When i was in my final year of collage" Adrian responded

"That's brilliant of you..and smart. You're a very fast learner. You seem to know a lot of everything.." Billie said and he kissed her head

"You're smarter than i am.." he said and she chuckled

"You just don't know it yet.." Adriand concluded and she was silent

"There's something i want to tell you.." he said

"What's that!?" She asked

"I'm--" he didn't complete his statement when he received a call from his dad

He picked the call 

On Phone

"Yeah dad.." Adrian said

"I was thinking along with your mum..that you come and take us out for we can spend this great day with you..if you don't mind" His dad said

"Uhh..yeah. Sure..I'll be on my way then" Adrian said 

"Alright..we'll be waiting for you in the house" His dad responded

"I'll be bringing Billie along..for today is her birthday too. I want her to enjoy it to the fullest" Adrian said

"Wow..that's great news. If you wish..why not!?" his dad said and he smiled

" you there then" Adrian said and hung up

He told Billie about it and she was ok.

They left to their town..and Royse was waiting for them when the dropped

Ashley stayed back..she didn't want to go with them.

She wanted this to be just her and Adrians family

They entered the car and went straight to Adrian family house..


To be continued.. 

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