Chapter 171 Bound By His Words

When Arianne didn’t get his answer, she continued, “What? You have money to fool around outside but don’t have any for your wife?”

“I got it.” A hint of a cryptic smile appeared in Mark’s eyes.

After hanging up the call, he immediately transferred some money to her on his phone. The smile in his eyes crept to his lips.

Aery couldn’t help feeling jealous when she noticed Mark's seemingly great mood after receiving the call. “Mark dear, who was that? You seem really happy after receiving that call…”

The smile on Mark’s face instantly reduced as he replied indifferently, “No one in particular.”

Helen noticed the situation and whispered, “Aery, aren’t you talking too much? Not even food can stop your mouth?”

Aery closed her mouth in annoyance. A woman’s instinct was always very accurate. The person who called Mark just now was definitely not an ordinary person.

Arianne looked at the transaction notification on her phone with a slightly conflicted feeling in her heart. She had never
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