Chapter 194 Hidden Meaning

‘Knock, knock...’

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Arianne opened the door, only to find Nina smiling at her. Without waiting for a reaction from Arianne, she entered the room.

“Mark is busy and I’m bored, so I hope you don’t mind me coming here to have a chat with you!”

Could Arianne say that she minded?

“No, I don’t mind. Have a seat. I’m not feeling that well, so I’ll lie down first.”

Nina watched Arianne return to the bed, then found a chair to sit down. “How did the miscarriage happen?”

Arianne involuntarily stiffened as she forced a smile. “By accident.”

Nina pursed her lips with what seemed like sympathy. “Accident? How… very careless. It’s a life, after all. The Tremont family lacks for nothing, except for Mark having a child at his age. What a pity to lose that baby.”

Arianne had lost any desire to continue the conversation. “I would like to rest now.”

Nina got up and walked to the door. “Have a good rest then. Take care of yourself. Otherwise, it’ll be borin
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