Chapter 224 It Hasn’t Been Two Months Yet

Eric was intrigued when he noticed that Mark was catching up to him. Both of them started racing against each other until they parted ways at an intersection. Even then, Mark didn’t slow down. Arianne’s heart beat crazily as she clung to her seatbelt for dear life. “What are you doing? I’m scared…! The road is pretty dark and slippery, can you slow down?”

Mark slammed on the brakes just as the car reached the luxury residential area. There weren’t many cars on this road at this hour and no cops would issue any tickets here. Arianne patted her chest for a long while to calm herself down. “Why did you decide to come pick me up? I can come back by myself…”

“Come back by yourself? Do you mean getting Eric to send you home, instead?” There was jealousy in his tone.

“I usually take a cab home by myself. Eric only gives me a ride on the days I work overtime. What’s wrong with that? You can just tell me directly if I’ve upset you in any way. Don’t use such an extreme method to frighten me.
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Percida Perez
I love Ari! I know Mark care and love Ari he just doesn't show it
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Frances Grace Garcia
when is the next chapter?

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