Author's Brand Establishment APPLY

GoodNovel will operate exclusive Facebook Fanpages and Facebook Groups for top-rated books, wielding our resources to improve authors' personal brand images and to encourage readers to recreate contents around the novels. This would help the Facebook Group form a good community atmosphere, achieve content self-sufficiency, and continuously strengthen readers' dependency on novels.


Creating Personal Facebook Fanpage

By creating exclusive Facebook Fanpages for popular novels, we could retain users who are interested in these novels and then push information about these novels promptly, to help junior users convert to fans.


Creating Personal Facebook Group

Depending on the popularity of the novel's Facebook Fanpage, GoodNovel will create GoodNovel Facebook Groups for its followers, so as to achieve precise promotion of the novel or maintain books' trends.


Precise Promotion

For new books or less popular books, GoodNovel will promote the books in the Facebook Group specializing in such related genres, so that the novel can be exposed to target readers as soon as possible.


Maintenance Books' Trends

For the book with a highly popular Fanpage, GoodNovel will create an exclusive Facebook Group for it, and then make full use of GoodNovel's resources to guide the readers to discuss and recreate contents around the novel, which will constantly enhance the Group activity and expand the influence of the novel on their readers.

Exclusive Exposure Position APPLY

In order to bring more exposure for our novels on the platform, GoodNovel has created many external and internal exposure positions for book promotion.


Internal exposure positions mainly work on GoodNovel's active users, using PC/mobile app banner, app notifications and GoodNovel Hub to promote novels. These beautiful images and texts will attract GoodNovel users to click on the novel page.



External exposure positions are mainly for GoodNovel's potential users or users to be recalled, through spreading high-quality contents to reach such users and attract them to click the book links.


GoodNovel's existing external exposure positions include GoodNovel's official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tiktok, Email, etc. On these platforms, high-quality contents ranging from short videos to exquisite bookcovers will be recommended to potentially new users.

Book Sharing APPLY

In order to encourage readers to spontaneously share the novels' links, GoodNovel will enrich the approaches of book sharing from GoodNovel App to social media platforms, which include incentive book sharing and personalized book sharing, so that novels can reach potential readers through the sharers' social networks.


Incentive Book Sharing

Incentives such as free coins will encourage readers to share GoodNovel books with their friends.

Personalized Book Sharing

GoodNovel will create personalized book share links for popular books, the contents of which include personalized excerpts with beautiful pictures, or video clips of novels' highlights, so as to stimulate readers' desire to share these book links.


Character Exclusive Emails APPLY

In order to give the readers a sense of exclusivity, GoodNovel will provide exclusive email addresses for specific characters. GoodNovel will:


Send letters regularly as a character to deepen the
character's personality.


Deepen the connection between readers-role to achieve a
benign interaction.


Film and Audio Book Production APPLY

GoodNovel will also provide film and audio book production for trending books to enrich the forms of the novel distribution. The current content forms include:


Exclusive Video Production such as plots clips


Audio Production for popular books

Badges' System APPLY

GoodNovel will have a complete badges' system to motivate outstanding authors to continue on their writing. GoodNovel's badges' system is divided into two categories, namely, badges for authors and badges for novels. The unique identity brought by badges can not only help authors shape a quality author image, but also help new readers quickly to find best fictions.

1. Badges' System Composition

Author-oriented Badges

Author-oriented badges include Writer Badges, Reader's Choice Badge, and Outstanding New Writer Badge.

Writer Badges are issued based on the author's writing performance, namely, the frequency of updating novels, the quality of submitted chapters, etc. The badges are divided into four grades, namely, Ordinary Writer, Ace Writer, Gold Writer and Platinum Writer.

Reader's Choice Badge is based on the views of all novels the author uploaded on GoodNovel, and the top 10 writers in terms of total novel views will receive this badge.

Outstanding New Writer Badge is only available to new authors who have signed up to GoodNovel (less than 3 months), and GoodNovel will issue the Outstanding New Writer Badge to new authors based on their writing performances and the performances of their novels.

Fiction-oriented Badges

Fiction-oriented badges include Novel Trend Badges and Best Newcomers Badge.

Novel Trend Badges are issued based on the daily page view of the novel, including 5 levels. The higher the number of views of the novel, the higher the level.

Best Newcomers Badge is only available to new novels that have been published for no more than 2 months. The Badge will be issued to the top 10 most viewed new novels.

2. Badges' Benefits

GoodNovel badges not only provide an identity for the author or novel, but also come with
certain badges' benefits.

Author-oriented Badges' Benefits

Author-oriented badges include Writer Badges, Reader's Choice Badge, and Outstanding New Writer Badge.

The writers who obtain Platinum Writer, Readers' Choice Badge and Outstanding New Writer Badge will be given priority to receive novel referrals on GoodNovel social media platforms.

In particular, the writers who obtain Platinum Writer and Readers' Choice Badge will be given priority to participate in GoodNovel's author-oriented activities.

Fiction-oriented Badges' Benefits

The Novels with the top Novel Trend Badge or Best Newcomers Badge will be given priority to participate in various activities organized by GoodNovel.

In addition, novels with the top Novel Trend Badge will also receive priority access to all of the promotional resources mentioned above.

The Best Monthly Author APPLY

Every month, GoodNovel will hold a contest named The Best Monthly Author. Let readers decide who is the best monthly author. This activity aims to

Increase the author's earnings

Since the criteria include the number of unlocked chapters, readers' votes, book sharing, etc., fans will help the author win the “Best Monthly Author” title according to the rules of the competition,achieving the increase of author's earnings.

Expand fans' engagement

In order to win this title for the author, fans will constantly strengthen their cooperation with each other, enhance the activity of fan groups, and promote the transformation of some ordinary readers into fans.

Maximize authors' influence

The “Best Monthly Author” title will expand the author's popularity and facilitate new readers to reach his/her works.


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