Chapter 282 Relenting

Tiffany pondered over Jackson’s offer. If Lillian knew Jackson made such an offer, she would never allow her to resign. This was truly an appealing incentive. However, once she recalled that it would be awkward since they would still meet in the office if she stayed and the rumors that had once spread online made her feel like hiding in a hole, she felt this was not a matter that could be resolved with money.

“Thank you, but I decline.” Tiffany decided despite her aching heart. She could almost hear her heart weeping for her. After all, she was honestly in need of money.

Jackson fell silent. He knew he was acting out of character. He was retaining a newbie who wanted to resign with a double increment in pay. It was unprecedented. He was also shocked that his offer had been declined. He did not want to force the matter, but he could not help the feeling of frustration that clawed at him. After a while, he finally said, “As you wish. Claim your salary from the general accounting departme
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