Chapter 423 Should I Feel Honored?

Mark’s expression grew unnatural. “As for the rest… Well, he was more or less involved. If I were him, I might have done even more horrible things. What are you trying to say?”

Arianne thought Mark sounded as though he was like he was defending Ethan, which again, made her feel that he was not being his usual self. Even so, she did not voice her suspicion. “I’m just thinking that… if you can forgive his actions, then, I can as well. It’ll be fine as long as he truly repents and turns over a new leave after he gets back with Tiffie, lives his life well, and treats you like his elder brother.”

Mark did not say anything else and returned to his study after dinner. The expression on his face turned grim. After thinking for a moment, he sent a message to Jackson. “Tiffany Lane will be moving in with Ethan Connor.”

When Jackson received the message, he was dining at the West family residence with his mother. After reading the message, he set his phone aside quietly. He must not reply! Rep
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