Chapter 853 The Bidding War

The young man gave another bid before the host could speak up. Davy panicked. He leaned into Mark’s ear and whispered, “Mr. Tremont, should we continue the bid? We’re at the estimate now. We’ll go over the budget if we do…”

Mark narrowed his eyes and nodded. Davy wiped the cold sweat off his brow and shot the troublemaker a glare. This should have been finished very fast. If this continued, they would have to wait the next round and it might end up derailing their afternoon meetings.

Unexpectedly, the opposition issued another bid, looking very calm to boot, as if he was sure to win. Mark’s heart twitched, and he suddenly changed his mind. “Give up.”

“Seriously, where did that guy come from?” Davy grumbled as they left the auction. “We’ve had our eyes on that piece of land for more than half a month, and he bought it at such a high price. Was he trying to make things difficult for us or himself? What does he want that land for anyway? It’ll take a long time before he gets any return
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