Chapter 911 Punish The One Who Unseals These Memories

None of it was her fault, yet she had to take the blame. And for what? There was nothing fair about shouldering guilts that were not of her doing! And why the hell must Summer bring up these sealed painful memories back to the fore?!

When reason finally reclaimed her, Tanya released her clutch from Summer’s neck in terror, crying, “Oh my God… Oh, my God! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry! Please don’t scream at me for this… Please stop tormenting me with those words…”

Summer’s hands quickly wrapped around her own neck before shoving the woman away from her. “Cough.. You were trying to kill me! Cough, cough… You… You’re mad!” she shrieked between sputters.

Tanya’s tears broke out as she shook her head, over and over again. “N-No! I didn’t! I didn’t… I didn’t; I didn’t, I didn’t want to kill you... I’m sorry, I..”

The extreme flip-flop in Tanya’s demeanor mortified Summer to the core. What was that, a window into Tanya’s split personality? Frightened, the older woman
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