Chapter 974 Just Your Average Fatherly Woes

He was so anxious that he dared not move. “Can you please not do that? And be gentle with yourself, will you? Take a page out of Arianne’s book from when she was pregnant. She was careful instead of acting like it’s nothing! You know what? I’m sleeping in another room. You’re on your own, so take care. Don’t find yourself rolling off the bed in the morning.”

Tiffany was surprised that Jackson would leave her. “Wait, so you’re serious? Really? Uh, whatever then. If it makes you happy, then go sleep elsewhere. Meanwhile, I’m gonna enjoy this big, wide bed for myself to my heart’s content. Move aside! And turn off the lights on your way out.”

Jackson made his way out of the bedroom, shooting her multiple worried glances every few steps on his way. Then, on his way out, he switched off the lights and closed the door.

Jackson admitted that he might have acted a little too anxiously, but he just could not help becoming more restrained whenever he was reminded of the new life now incubatin
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