Chapter 975 Just Tiffany Being Tiffany

With the lights turned off, the room became too dim for Mark to see the alluring contours of her body. Still, his tactile senses became sensitive to the suppleness of her skin.

Perhaps all these nights neglecting the physical aspects of love made today’s act noticeably shorter than it usually was. As passion eased, Mark breathed into her ear, “I’m a bit… tired…”

Arianne had not yet recovered from her daze. “Mm, understandable. You’ve spent your whole evening handling Smore. I would have been just as tired if it were me. Go to sleep.”

The lingering yearning in him prompted him to nibble her earlobe. “Fine.”

Arianne waited until Mark was soundly asleep before pulling out her phone. She had not had the time to check her notifications just now. Just as she thought, Tiffany’s texts were there. Apparently, her best friend had already booked Alejandro’s time for Arianne. The two of them were to meet each other in a café by tomorrow noontime.

Arianne had not expected Tiffany to be so effi
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